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 Synopsis: Gundam SEED Renaissance RPG

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PostSubject: Synopsis: Gundam SEED Renaissance RPG   Wed 21 May 2008, 12:02 pm

Gundam SEED Renaissance RPG

In late CE 73, after several months of bitter fighting, the ZAFT militia, commanded by then PLANT Supreme Council Chairman Gilbert Dullindal, was defeated by the combined forces of the Clyne Faction, the Orb Union and remnants of the Earth Alliance military, at the Battle of Messiah. With Dullindal’s Destiny Plan exposed and defeated by the Terminal’s allied forces, ZAFT signed an armistice with the Orb Union, and Lacus Clyne assumed the mantleship of Chairwoman of the PLANTs. Radical elements in the Supreme Council of the PLANTs, the Emirs of the Orb Union, and the General Assembly of the Earth Alliance were toppled, replaced by more progressive leadership.

For the next few years, relative peace prevailed in the Cosmic Era. The major powers slowly rebuilt themselves from the wreckage of the Second Bloody Valentine War. Under Clyne’s guidance, the PLANTs rebuilt the Zodiac colonies they losts, and they were slowly repopulated. The PLANTs and Orb Union began diplomatic negotiations with the Earth Alliance, leading to improved relations between the erstwhile enemies. Massive aid was sent from the space colonies to Earth to help in the rehabilitation of the planet and its peoples. For the first in decades, Naturals and Coordinators joined hands peacefully for the benefit of their homeworld.

Things continued on its benevolent stage in the Cosmic Era, until CE 81. After a much publicized engagement with General Kira Yamato of the Orb Union, Chairman Clyne announced their break-up. This coincided almost simultaneously with general elections in the PLANTs, where even though Clyne retained her leadership, a sizable number of her allies in the Supreme Council were voted out, replaced by more radical Councilors. These Councilors believed in the tenets proposed by former Chairman Patrick Zala – believers in the supremacy of Coordinators over the Naturals. This began a struggle of power between the Clyne Faction and these radical elements for control over the Coordinator nation.

The Earth Alliance quietly rebuilt itself, after its resources and manpower were drained by the Second War. While the current leadership was agreeable to the peace between their peoples and that of the PLANTs, they quietly prepared themselves for a possible war with the Coordinators in the future. Slowly but surely, the massive war-making potential of the Earth Alliance industry and economy, once shattered by the two wars, began to gain life and strength, thanks to the resilience of the Naturals and, unfortunately for the benefactors, aid from Orb and the PLANTs themselves. By CE 81, the Earth Alliance industry was in full swing, and soon a sizable portion of this sector was diverted into the defense industry again. The PLANTs began to notice this, and sent protests to the Earth Alliance leadership, which were politely, but firmly rebuffed.

The Orb Union watched the situations of the two superpowers with great concern, but due to their tenets of neutrality, could do little to prevent tensions. The neutral state remained strong militarily and economically, but they knew they would not have the power to stop another war that might break out. But thanks to the friendly relations between Cagalli Yula Attha of Orb and the Chairwoman of the PLANTs, a secret mutual defense treaty between Orb and the PLANTs, sealed by Terminal, the secret political-military organization in which both Attha and Clyne were leaders, became possible.

And not a moment to late, for more trouble was brewing in the horizon. The Earth Alliance began flexing their new military might by engaging new operations in South America, where it has been embroiled in a war with the South Americans, who have been resisting the EA eversince the EA invaded their continent in CE 71. But now, after a decade of stalemate, the EA concentrated its full might on the beleaguered South Americans. The Orb Union, who were secretly supporting the South Americans with military and financial aid, began to feel the pressure straining on them.

In the PLANTs, radical politicians and ZAFT officers began forming secret groups with the intention of promoting Coordinator supremacy, and remove the current progressive leadership of the Supreme Council and establish power on their own. One such group gained more power and prestige, and began plotting a more violent method of gaining power.

But tipped by her excellent intelligence network, supported by Terminal’s network of their own, Chairwoman Clyne learned of the plans to topple her via a coup, and soon proposed a similarly radical plan of her own: Clyne approached both the leaders of the Orb Union and Earth Alliance with an offer of a full alliance with them, for the safety of all of Humankind, and the intergration of their three militaries into one command.

The Orb Union readily supported Clyne’s plan, and even General Yamato was handpicked to begin the military side of the venture. But the Earth Alliance resisted for a year, citing a lot of reasons why they hesistated with such a plan. In truth, the Earth Alliance was again being manipulated by the rich war industry, but this time not by an organization like LOGOS, but of an unknown entity that even the EA leadership had no knowledge of.

Finally, in October CE 82, after a year of negotiations, the Earth Alliance relented, and the three powers – the PLANTs, Orb Union and the EA – signed a pact that sealed the alliance in Copernicus City on the Moon. This pact is now called the Trinity Alliance.

Soon plans for the integration of the militaries began, led by General Yamato of the Orb Union. His Trinity Program called for cadets from the military academies of the three Trinity States to train under his tutelage, to integrate their commands, and promote camaraderie and cooperation between the different militaries. This coincided with the orders to provide the Trinity Program with the most advanced weapons technology the Trinity States could offer – a condition that drew the most protest from radical elements from the PLANTs and EA. These elements were aghast that their military’s best secrets and weapons were to be shared with erstwhile enemies, and both groups planned to deal with it differently. The ZAFT radicals, now known as the Divine Crusaders, began openly plotting the toppling of Chairwoman Clyne’s government, and possible civil war in the PLANTs. Radical elements in the EA, still unknown to the progressive leadership, planned a more sinister action.

On CE 84, the Trinity Program came into fruition. A military academy for the top cadets of the Trinity States was begun on the new space battleship, Trinity. Talented officers from ZAFT, ODF and OMNI Enforcer started training under the guidance of General Kira Yamato, now designated as Commander of Trinity Forces. The program moved along with great efficiency, and would have been completed, had things not come into fruition.

The Divine Crusaders began to move, starting their plans to grab power by assassinating Chairwoman Clyne. But again, thanks to intelligence, Clyne foiled them by heading towards the Trinity, and came under the protection of General Yamato. The Divine Crusaders gave chase, and soon reached the battleship. After declaring war against Clyne’s government, they attack the Trinity and the Eternal, which were defended by the cadets and Yamato’s forces. The Divine Crusaders tried to press their offensive, but soon Yamato’s trap was sprung.The Orb Second Fleet arrives and stops the Divine Crusader’s offensive. Cornered between the anvil of the Trinity and the hammer of Orb’s battleships, the Divine Crusaders were desperate to retreat, and would have been destroyed, had the shadows decided not to make an appearance.

They came without warning, having already ambushed an elite FAITH team of ZAFT on the way to Trinity. These raiders, armed with black mobile suits that could cloak and could nullify the advantages of Newtype pilots of the Trinity Forces and the Divine Crusaders, smashed into the combatants brutally. They also infiltrated the battleship Trinity, crippling the warship and attempting an assassination of Clyne themselves. Although Clyne escaped, the Trinity leadership was shattered, with several of their officers killed, and even General Yamato, who was rendered ineffective against the Wraith, neutralized. In one final brutal act, the leader of the raiders, who called himself “Adam”, destroyed the Orb Second Fleet with a nuclear weapon, the explosion of which destroyed the Trinity as well. Several cadets were killed and wounded, and while Clyne escaped on the Eternal with the Archangel, General Yamato was listed as missing in action at the end of the battle.

The repercussions of the battle were great. A sizable number of Divine Crusaders made good their escape, and now are waging a civil war against the PLANTs. The Orb Union is rendered neutralized, and now a strange outbreak of an unknown disease has left the island state quarantined. The Earth Alliance, taking advantage of this situation, has begun to implement the quarantine brutally, attacking Orb vessels trying to escape or enter the archipelago. The lifeline from the Orb Union to the South Americas has been cut and lost. War seems to be looming between beleaguered Orb and the EA. And with General Yamato missing, Terminal has lost its best chance to help stop the violence and return to peace.

The year now is CE 84. This is the world of Gundam SEED Renaissance, where war, its heroes, and the shadows are being reborn.

Author's Notes:

Gundam SEED Renaissance RPG has no connection whatsoever with the fanfic novel, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Renaissance, which is also the work of this author.

Gundam SEED Renaissance RPG was started BEFORE Gundam SEED Destiny Special Edition was released in Japan, so some plots are different from the OVA (ie. Kira Yamato is still with Orb, rather than being a ZAFT White Coat)


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Synopsis: Gundam SEED Renaissance RPG
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