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 Melua Melna (NPC)

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Melua Melna (NPC)   Wed 21 May 2008, 11:04 pm

Character Name: Melua Melna
Nickname: Mel
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Australia
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'7
Weight: 85 lbs
Handedness: Left handed
Physical Description: See the picture below.

Occupation: Witch/Knightmare Pilot
Faction: Holy Britannia Empire
Rank: Knight
Likes: Sweets
Dislikes: Spicy food
Alignment: Neutral Good

Closest Ally or Friend: Ayin, the one she formed a pact with became really close to her. He often helps her with her training to be a better Knightmare pilot and spends alot of time with her and treats her well.

Basic Personality: Shy and humble, but can get quite emotional and friendly, sometimes her personality changes to that of a wise woman. Her concentration is great though and quite calm in battle as well.

Character Background:

Mel is a rookie knightmare pilot, she is a shy, humble girl, though she can be unpredictable and wise but can also be quite emotional. Her parents died in Australia, the cause was unknown, She was raised in an orphanage. She also just recieved her powers as a witch, through unknown means, she doesn't even know it actually.

She was the one that gave Ayin his Geass when he was fighting with terrorists but doesn't seem to be able to remember anything about it, which confuses him. He jokingly said that she might have another personality and she responded seriously and said that it might be the case.

She was sent to Europe with Ayin to fight against the E.U forces and pilots a Gloucester. She trains really hard and says that she wants to be like Cornelia, Ayin always tells her that it's impossible though due to their difference in skill and the only thing she can compete with Cornelia is their looks and chest size.

IQ- 14
MA- 15
ME- 19
PS- 5
PP- 14
PE- 13
PB- 22
SPD- 7
Level: 3
HP: 69

Britannian Knight/Witch MOS
Minimum Attributes Scores: IQ 14 / PP 14 / PB 16 / ME 15 / MA 15 / PE 13
MOS Skills:
Pilot Knightmare Frame (+15%)
Knightmare Combat: RPI-13 Sutherland
Tactics: Knightmare (+20%)
Weapons Systems, Knightmare (+10%)
Read Sensory Equipment (+10%)
Navigation, Sea (+10%)
Navigation, Air (+10%)
Navigation, Land (+10%)
EVA (+10%)
Hand-To-Hand Expert

Other Skills:
Select fourteen (14) other skills at level one (1). Get at least 2 other pilot skills.
Add 1 skill and 1 Knightmare Combat Skill at OCC Level 3.
Add 3 skills at OCC Level 6
Add 1 skill and 1 Knightmare Combat Skill at OCC Level 10
Add 1 skill at OCC Level 12

Communications: Cryptography (+5%)
Computer Related: Computer Operation (+5%)
Domestic/Cultural: Cook, Art(+5%)
Electrical: None(+5%)
Espionage: Concealment (+5%)
Mechanical: None(+5%)
Medical: First Aid (+5%)
Military: Basic Strategy/Tactics (+15%)
Physical: (+5%)
Pilot: Knightmare Combat: RPI-209 Gloucester, Automobiles(+15%)
Pilot Related: Radar Operation(+15%)
Rogue: None(+5%)
Science: None(+5%)
Technical: Photography (+5%)
Weapon Proficiency:(+5%)
Wilderness: Wilderness Survival (+5%)

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Melua Melna (NPC)
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