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 Ayin Gordon

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Ayin Gordon   Wed 21 May 2008, 11:15 pm

Character Name: Ayin Gordon
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Britannia Homeland
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'9
Weight: 105 lbs
Handedness: Right handed
Physical Description: See the picture below.

Occupation: Knightmare Pilot
Faction: Holy Britannia Empire
Rank: Knight
Likes: Sleeping
Dislikes: Racism, Bullying
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Relationships: Keisar Gordon, his grandfather was the one who raised him. His grandfather, being a former high ranked knight and a Marquess was quite strict and had him trained a lot and was responsible for getting him into the military, although he thinks that it's quite bothersome. His father Siva, also a high ranking knight of the empire is usually away from home as well as his mother Ezilla, a scientist specializing in Knightmare frames. His brother Aleph, was also trained the same way he was, he was called a genius by many because of his skill with piloting a knightmare and was said to be skilled enough to rival the Knight of One, he's now an instructor for the Britannian Military. He has 3 other siblings, 2 older sisters, Bet and Daled and another older brother, Gimel, All three are stationed in Area 11.

Closest Ally or Friend: Melua Melna, a rookie pilot that he met he before being assigned to Europe, the two quickly became close because he usually spends time with her during her training simulators. She has no talent in piloting at all but Ayin liked her fighting spirit and decided to help with her training. Almana, granddaughter of Marquess Tikvah is also close to him, since the two grew up together because their grandfathers are good friends and often visits each other.

Basic Personality: Calm, lazy and silent but has a short temper and doesn't like being ordered around, mostly because he's the youngest child. He's usually found sleeping inside his Knightmare if he has nothing to do. He became more serious after being sent to Europe since he can't relax while in enemy territory. He's also quite smart and is good with words, he can also come up with plans to make the battles faster with less casualties on their side.

Character Background:

A knight of the Holy Britannian Empire and a skilled knightmare pilot, He was also trained in Swordfighting and Kenpo, His grandfather was the one that raised him since his parents were too busy, His father was a high ranking Knight and his mother was a scientist.

He encounters a battle between an unknown knightmare and a squad of Gloucesters. The unknown knightmare looked like it was having a hard time and was knocked down by one of the Gloucesters. When the unknown knightmare falls in front of him during the battle, the pilot, a blonde girl, stumbles out and fell into his arms. Ayin was forced to activate the knightmare and enter the fight himself. He was having a hard time fighting of the previous damages taken by the knightmare and since he was taking care of the girl, just as they were about to be defeated the girl suddenly touched him and he saw a vision, there a voice offered him "Power", in exchange, he must grant her one wish.

He accepted and entered a pact with the girl, giving him abilities no normal human beings have, the Geass, with his new power, he was able to see into the future and plan his actions depending on what will happen. He eventually defeated his enemies and after the battle, some Brittanian officers came and took the knightmare and the girl, It was later revealed to him by one of the officers that the knightmare belonged to Prince Schneizel and that the girl was one of the pilots working for him.

A week later, he was transferred to a special division under Prince Schneizel and was given a mission to go to Europe to help subdue the E.U forces, there he was reunited with the girl, introducing herself as Melua Melna and the knightmare he used at the time he met her, the Vigilance was entrusted to him.

IQ - 17
MA - 5
ME - 17
PS - 10
PP - 21
PE - 13
PB - 17
SPD - 14
Level: 5
HP: 85
GP: 40

Britannian Noble: Knight Type MOS
Attribute Requirements: IQ 12 / PB 12 / PP 14 / PE 13
MOS Skills:
Pilot Knightmare Frame (+15%)
Knightmare Combat: RPI-209 Gloucester
Tactics: Knightmare (+20%)
Weapons Systems, Knightmare (+10%)
Read Sensory Equipment (+10%)
Navigation, Sea (+10%)
Navigation, Air (+10%)
Navigation, Land (+10%)
EVA (+10%)
Hand-To-Hand Martial Arts

Other Skills:
Select fourteen (14) other skills at level one (1). Get at least 2 other pilot skills.
Add 1 skill and 1 Knightmare Combat Skill at OCC Level 3.
Add 3 skills at OCC Level 6
Add 1 skill and 1 Knightmare Combat Skill at OCC Level 10
Add 1 skill at OCC Level 12

Communications: Audio Systems
Computer Related: Computer Operation
Domestic/Cultural: Gaming Strategy
Electrical: Basic Electronics and Knightmare Electronics only
Espionage: none
Mechanical: Basic, Automobile, Aircraft, Knightmare Mechanics, Motorcycle
Medical: First Aid only
Military:Basic Strategy/Tactics, Strategy, Advanced (+10%)
Physical: Fencing
Pilot: Knightmare Combat: Z-X1 Vigilance, Motorcycle, Fighter Combat (+10%)
Pilot Related: Radar Operation, Sonar Operation (+10%)
Rogue: none
Science: Math Basic and Physics Basic only
Technical: Language/Literacy
Weapon Proficiency: Katars
Wilderness: Wilderness Survival only

Hand To Hand Martial Arts
1. Four (4) actions per round; +3 to pull/roll with punch, roll or impact. Automatic available skills: Meditation, WP Knife, WP Sword, WP Quarterstaff. One time bonus of +2 to ME, and +1 PP, PS, and PE.
2. +3 to parry or dodge, +2 to strike.
3. Kick attack does 1d8 HP damage
4. One (1) additional action per round
5. Jump Kick does 1d10 HP damage

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Ayin Gordon
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