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 Skye Skylark (NPC)

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Skye Skylark (NPC)   Thu 22 May 2008, 12:02 pm

Character Name: Skye Skylark
Gender: Male
Nationality: Britannian
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Birthplace: geographical Canada
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 185lbs
Eye Color: Azure
Hair Color: Very Dark Brown
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Age: 22
Physical Description: Tall and medium built, with his hair stretching all the way to his shoulders and kept in a rather constant mess.
Relationships: His mother is a Britannian named Sophia Skylark, also known as Sophia D'Britannia. His genetic father is an unnamed Eleven that held a high position in the Japanese Government before the invasion and fall of Japan, and was killed years before the invasion. His uncle, Sophia's brother and an Earl of the northern territories, was killed in 1993 a.t.b.

Closest Ally/Friend: Sephiria Schweizer, a blond girl he met when he was fighting with E.U., and has been with him ever since. He has formed a rather intimate relationship with her.

Basic Personality: He's usually laid back and easy going, even in tense situations. He has an uncanny ability to maintain a level mind, though this isn't very useful to him since his tactical capabilities are barely exceptional, to the extent that he can't win a single chess, though he has been known to outwit a lot of people. However, when situations become critical and he's required to risk everything, his capability exceeds that of most field commanders. His reason for this is that "...there are no limitations whatsoever. Everything I do is legal as long as I accomplish the task." This leads people to believe that he has difficulty working under rules. Whenever he's not talking, he loves to stare off to faraway things, like a plant that's a hundred meters away or a star in the night sky.

Background Story:
In 1993 a.t.b., the Britannian named Sophia Skylark entered Japan in hopes of a business venture. It was then that she met Skye's father, and a relationship soon followed.

By the end of 1994 a.t.b., they were married in a simple wedding ceremony held on the coast of Japan. Around the same time, a dire news had come to her from her brother. He had entered into a heated argument with the Emperor's ministers with regards to planning the conquest of Japan and has been charged with treason, based solely on the fact that he went against the ministers who worked directly under the Emperor. Sophia tried all that she could to save her brother from execution, and weeks later, she emerged as Sophia D'Britannia. After that, she got the news that her real husband was killed on his way back to Japan. Greatly saddened by the loss, she went to her brother, who was freed from captivity due to her 'agreement' with the Emperor. It was in his room when she made a gruesome find. Her brother was shot to death, dying from multiple gunshots which numbered from 20 to 30. Up to this day, she never knew what happened to her brother and her husband, or why they were killed.

Springing from the belief in social darwinism, the Emperor strived to have a lot of possible heirs and pitting them in conflicts against each other, with the victor coming out as his successor. This belief led him to pick Sophia as the mother of one of his heirs, due to the fact that her family is one of the longest-surviving line of royals in the Empire, and a child from her might prove to be one of the most competitive. Months later, she gives birth to what the Emperor believes to be his son, Skye D'Britannia, when in fact, he was the son of Sophia's Japanese husband.

In childhood, as they were being raised, Skye proved to be the least competent of the heirs. He made off with fairly well academic grades, but when it came to things regarding the Empire and his functions as heir, he failed miserably. This caused him to lose the favor of the Emperor, and consequently, the people serving under him.

Years later, at the age of 20, he was put in charge of supressing an E.U. goup that has crawled its way within the Empire's borders. Setting off with only 10 Knightmares, his inefficiency as a commander caused him the loss of 5 of his men. However, as they were getting surrounded, things worked towards his favor. In that situation, he was free to sacrifice their lives since they were going to die anyway. This allowed him to take radical steps in fighting the enemy. An hour and 3 more deaths later, they emerged victorious against the enemy forces and the area was once again put under Britannian territory. This gave him the Emperor's attention once again. However, he decided to run away from the Empire as he was supposed to go back towards the Imperial capital. Fighting against the Empire itself, he absolutely detested the idea of fighting against his half-siblings in that manner in order to be Emperor. Instead, he chose to fight from the outside, as a rebel, in hopes that he himself will become the new Emperor by conquering Britannia.

He started as a Knightmare Pilot for the E.U., where his piloting skills proved to be far greater than his intellectual skills. By 2017 a.t.b., the Order of the Black Knights was established, and word of its supposed success against the Empire has spread far and wide. Judging from the news, he concluded that his chance of success would increase if he would somehow join them, seeing how his progress with the E.U. was. After Zero's disappearance, his tactical skills have somehow developed and he has risen to be one of the Black Knights' leaders. He knows nothing about the identity of Zero, or the fact that Zero was his half-brother Lelouch Vi Britannia. As a matter of fact, he doesn't even know that he has a half-brother that went by that name. He hasn't thrown away his status as prince, nor his name as Skye D'Britannia, but uses his mother's surname in order to move around freely without being targetted by anti-Britannian factions.

He's known to be somewhat physically underpowered, though his abilities as a pilot are exceptional. He has chosen to train in Martial Arts to compensate for his lack of physical strength, and prefers close-combat when piloting, though he's a pretty good shooter as well.

Character Attributes:
IQ: 12
ME: 20 + 2 = 22
MA: 10
PS: 10 + 1 = 11
PP: 20 + 1 = 21
PE: 19 + 1 = 20
PB: 10
SPD: 10
Level: 5
HP: 60 + 32 = 92

Order of the Black Knights

Order of the Black Knights Knightmare Pilot MOS
Minimum Attributes Scores: IQ 12 / PP 14 / PE 13
MOS Skills:
Pilot Knightmare (+15%)
Knightmare Combat: Type-10R Burai
Tactics: Knightmare (+20%)
Weapons Systems, Knightmare (+10%)
Read Sensory Equipment (+10%)
Navigation, Sea (+10%)
Navigation, Air (+10%)
Navigation, Land (+10%)
Hand-To-Hand Martial Arts

Other Skills:
Select fourteen (14) other skills at level one (1). Get at least 2 other pilot skills.
Add 1 skill and 1 Knightmare Combat Skill at OCC Level 3.
Add 3 skills at OCC Level 6
Add 1 skill and 1 Knightmare Combat Skill at OCC Level 10
Add 1 skill at OCC Level 12

Communications: Radio Basic
Computer Related: Computer Operation
Domestic/Cultural: Cook
Electrical: Basic Electronics, Knightmare Electronics
Espionage: none
Mechanical: Automobile, Knightmare Mechanics
Medical: First Aid
Military: Camouflage (+10%)
Physical: Running
Pilot: Knightmare Combat: Type-02A Tobikage (+10%)
Pilot Related: Radar Operation (+10%)
Rogue: none
Science: Math Basic and Physics Basic only
Technical: Law Enforcement & Investigative Techniques
Weapon Proficiency: Swords
Wilderness: Wilderness Survival

Other Skills
- Espionage: Disguise
- Espionage: Surveillance Systems
- Knightmare Frame Combat: Type-3F Gekka
- Rogue: Prowl

Hand To Hand Martial Arts
1. Four (4) actions per round; +3 to pull/roll with punch, roll or impact. Automatic available skills: Meditation, WP Knife, WP Sword, WP Quarterstaff. One time bonus of +2 to ME, and +1 PP, PS, and PE.
2. +3 to parry or dodge, +2 to strike.
3. Kick attack does 1d8 HP damage
4. One (1) additional action per round
5. Jump Kick does 1d10 HP damage
6. Critical Strike on an unmodified roll of 18 to 20
7. Paired Weapons use, Knockout/stun on unmodified roll of 18-20.
8. Judo style body throw/flip, does 1d6 damage and loss of initiative and one action for that round
9. One (1) additional action per round
10. Leap Attack does 1d12 HP damage
11. Additional +4 to HP damage
12. Additional +2 to parry and dodge
13. Critical strike or knockout via backstab (triple damage)
14. Two (2) additional actions per round
15. Death blow on an unmodified roll of 18-20

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Skye Skylark (NPC)
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