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 Sephiria Schweizer (NPC)

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Sephiria Schweizer (NPC)   Thu 22 May 2008, 2:36 pm

Character Name: Sephiria Schweizer
Gender: Female
Nationality: Unknown, most probably from E.U
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Birthplace: geographical Germany
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 120lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Handedness: Left
Age: 19 (based on physical appearance)
Physical Description: Having long, blond hair and a very curvy body, she is the object of men's attention wherever she goes.
Relationships: She has a rather intimate relationship with the Knightmare Pilot Skye Skylark. She doesn't know any of her family members due to the fact that she has already out-lived her generation and has left her home quite a long time ago.
Family: She has no known family, though her relatives and descendants of her relatives are present.

Closest Ally/Friend: Skye Skylark

Basic Personality:
She's very bratty, throwing a tantrum when she doesn't get what she wants. She is known to have blackmailed people into doing her bidding, and sometimes, giving them death threats. Her personality does a complete-360 when she's alone with Skye. In those situations, she's weak, naive and more gentle than her usual self. However, she still threatens Skye and blackmails him at times just for kicks. She loves to sing, and has made a living out of it until she met Skye.

Background Story:
Born somewhere in Berlin, she grew up just like any normal kid at her time. It was around that time when she mysteriously disappeared, only to reappear a decade later.

It was around 1821 a.t.b. when she reappeared as a spy working for Britannia, herself becoming a witch. It has been rumored that Napoleon Bonaparte was poisoned on orders from Queen Elizabeth III. Due to circumstances, she has been rumored to have been the one who poisoned Napoleon. Fearing for her life, and unaware of her immortality, she fled continental Europe and headed for Britannia, as a stow-away on a vessel. When she got to Britannia, she found herself joining an opera being performed by the Queen's supporters that came from Italy. Initially, she was just one of the extras that performed on stage. However, after being given a short singing part at 1827 a.t.b., her talent was discovered and on the next show, she was holding the position of the lead. The previous lead, and all those that were close to being chosen, grew envious of her and plotted to kill her. One night, after a show, they took her in an isolated area by force and stabbed her numerous times, leaving her for dead. However, when they returned in the morning, they found out that her body was gone and footprints, her footprints, were made. This led them to spread the word that she was a witch. As the word quickly spread around, she moved away and found another singing job somewhere else. This continued on and on, having not stayed in a place for more than 5 years, she was forced to move around to avoid persecution and suspicion since her body seemed to have stopped aging.

Centuries later, she has found her way back to the E.U., and as she expected, members of her family are long-dead. She continued to wander around, and got a temporary job at a local broadcasting station. It was during those times that she met Skye Skylark, a Knightmare Pilot working for the E.U. Having learned of his past, and his current aspirations, she decided to help him out of mercy. She thought that he, as an individual, was powerless in his struggle to conquer Britannia. She made a contract with him and gave him a Geass. From then on, she met with him regularly whenever she can, and when he moved to Area 11, she went with him.

She hasn't piloted a Knightmare Frame in combat yet, but pilots them when moving them around and when positioning them for repairs. As a Knightmare pilot, her most usual job is escorting transportation of the Knightmares and supplies, though she is yet to gain any actual combat experience. She has been trained in a few martial arts disciplines by Skye Skylark due to her rather weak physical strength.

Character Attributes:
IQ: 14
ME: 15 + 2 = 17
MA: 15
PS: 6 + 1 = 7
PP: 14 + 1 =15
PE: 14 + 1 = 15
PB: 21 + 3 = 24
SPD: 10

Occupational Character Class: Witch/Knightmare Pilot
Level: 2
HP: 8 + 15 + 40 = 63

Order of the Black Knights Knightmare Pilot/Witch MOS

Minimum Attributes Scores: IQ 12 / PP 14 / PE 13
MOS Skills:
Pilot Knightmare (+15%)
Knightmare Combat: Type-10R Burai
Tactics: Knightmare (+20%)
Weapons Systems, Knightmare (+10%)
Read Sensory Equipment (+10%)
Navigation, Sea (+10%)
Navigation, Air (+10%)
Navigation, Land (+10%)
Hand-To-Hand Martial Arts

Other Skills:
Select fourteen (14) other skills at level one (1). Get at least 2 other pilot skills.
Add 1 skill and 1 Knightmare Combat Skill at OCC Level 3.
Add 3 skills at OCC Level 6
Add 1 skill and 1 Knightmare Combat Skill at OCC Level 10
Add 1 skill at OCC Level 12

Minimum Attribute Scores: IQ 14 / PB 16 / ME 15 / MA 15 /
Communications: Satellite Communications (+5%)
Computer Related: Computer Repair (+5%)
Domestic/Cultural: Sing (+5%)
Electrical: None (+5%)
Espionage: Escape Artist (+5%)
Mechanical: Weapons Engineer (+5%)
Medical: Criminal Sciences & Forensics (+5%)
Military: Recognize Weapons Quality (+15%)
Physical: Swimming, Basic (+5%)
Pilot: Automobiles (+15%)
Pilot Related: Radar Operation (+15%)
Rogue: Seduction (+5%)
Science: Astronomy (+5%)
Technical: Journalism (+5%)
Weapon Proficiency: Concealed Weapons (+5%)
Wilderness: Wilderness Survival (+5%)

Hand To Hand Martial Arts
1. Four (4) actions per round; +3 to pull/roll with punch, roll or impact. Automatic available skills: Meditation, WP Knife, WP Sword, WP Quarterstaff. One time bonus of +2 to ME, and +1 PP, PS, and PE.
2. +3 to parry or dodge, +2 to strike.
3. Kick attack does 1d8 HP damage
4. One (1) additional action per round
5. Jump Kick does 1d10 HP damage
6. Critical Strike on an unmodified roll of 18 to 20
7. Paired Weapons use, Knockout/stun on unmodified roll of 18-20.
8. Judo style body throw/flip, does 1d6 damage and loss of initiative and one action for that round
9. One (1) additional action per round
10. Leap Attack does 1d12 HP damage
11. Additional +4 to HP damage
12. Additional +2 to parry and dodge
13. Critical strike or knockout via backstab (triple damage)
14. Two (2) additional actions per round
15. Death blow on an unmodified roll of 18-20

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Sephiria Schweizer (NPC)
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