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 Bancho31's MF PC

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Number of posts : 35
Age : 32
Location : Somewhere Outside
Alias : Aggressive Swallow
Registration date : 2008-05-13

Character sheet
PC Name:
Level: 8
Character Class: UN Spacy Variable Fighter Pilot

PostSubject: Bancho31's MF PC   Wed 28 May 2008, 11:40 am

Character Name: Clyde W. Aimhigh
Rank: Major, UNSM
Callsign: Aggressive Swallow
Gender: male
Race: Human
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 54kg
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: brown
Handedness: right
Age: 27
Appearance: He is erect and trim, neatly barbered in a well-fitting uniform
Level: 8

Closest Ally/Friend
Stefan "Big Steve" Oblensky

Personality: there is an aura of competence and command in him. He follows a strict "gentlemen" code; he is always respectful to women and children and acts very proper.

Character Background:

Ever since he was a child, Clyde always wanted to fly a Variable Fighter. After graduating in high school, he enlisted himself in USMC (United State Marine Corps) and entered Pensacola for training because it is the fastest way to becoming a VF pilot. Clyde Aimhigh became a enlisted Naval Aviation Pilot commonly known as flying Sergeant. He was a marine (ranking with a sergeant) in the age of seventeen.

His skill as a pilot was natural. Seeing him fly a VF is like watching a graceful swallow dancing in the wind. The brass was impressed in him. After 6months of training in Pensacola, he was put to VMF-229.

VMF-229 also known, as Aggressor Squadron was a marine VF squadron located in US lunar base as a support squadron to UN Spacey. He became attach to his squadron and became his second family. Major Bill Dunn; Commanding Officer of the VMF-229, was like a brother to him. Major Dunn taught him all his experienced in piloting a VF and pass it to Clyde. Technical Sergeant Stefan “Big Steve” Oblensky is one of his best Buddies. Oblensky was very talented and resourceful Aircraft mechanic. He stayed in VMF-229 for 5 years.

A Zentradi fleet under the control of protodevln attacks the lunar base in surprised but Aggressor Squadron answer to their attack. Even if the enemy is overwhelming the squadron fought bravely and manage to destroy 5 battleships.

VMF-229 was completely wipeout. Clyde was the only surviving VF pilot of Aggressor squadron. 10 minutes later, a distressed call came telling that one of the newly constructed colonies is under attack by the zentradi. They were requesting an immediate backup. The officers in the lunar base declared that all of the variable fighter was totally destroyed and was beyond of possibility of repair.

Clyde was hungry for revenge. He cannot accept the death of his comrades. He eagerly asked big Steve to repair his VF. Big Steve hesitated because it was foolish to go alone. Clyde threatened him that he will still go even if his Fighter is in the worst condition. In the end Big Steve help Clyde to fix one of the destroyed VF. They put together a VF from parts of other destroyed fighter, with the expertise and resourcefulness of Oblensky. 20 minutes after the call, Clyde was able to fly VF. He flew it out from the nearest carrier then enroute to reinforced the colony. The UN Spacy had neutralized the enemy with fewer casualties.

An enlisted man had made a VF flyable in the wisdom of the officer, had concluded was beyond repair. He had then the unbridled gall against regulation and policy, to decide all by himself to take the VF to war. The only reason they didn’t court marshal him was that the witnesses were ether dead or scattered all over the space and couldn’t assembly them. So what they had done was take him off flight status and return him to the states for duty as an aircraft mechanic.

2 years had past with only wrench on his hand. An opportunity came that will bring him back in flying a VF. The campaign against Vindirance terrorist group came to its worst. VF pilot became short in supply specially experienced pilot. An officer visits Clyde in Pensacola that he’ll be returning to flight status, offered him a captain rank and commissioned him in the new Commanding Officer of the newly activated VF squadron; VMF-311 also known as Deluge squadron. Clyde hesitated to be a CO because he thought he couldn’t handle one and much more fine being back as a flying sergeant. The officer has a confidence that he can handle one and believes that Clyde was the best man available for the job.

U.N. Forces defeats the Vindirance terrorist group.

After showing a good performance in the campaign against Vindirance. Clyde receives an invitation from UN Spacy to join the Macross-27 Fleet and offered him a major rank

IQ: 12
ME: 12
MA: 17
PS: 13
PP: 21
PE: 18
PB: 11
SPD: 20

OCC: UN Spacy Marine Officer
Level: 8
Rank: Major, UNSM

Hit Points: PE + 50HP +7D8 = 18 + 50 + 36 = 104 HP
SP: ME + 10SP + 7d10 = 12 +10 + 40 = 62 SP

Radio: Basic 55%
Wilderness Survival 40%
Running - (+1 PE, 4d4 speed, +1d6 SDC)
Swimming 50%
Climbing 40%
Pilot Tanks/APC's 46%
Read Sensory Equipment 40%
Weapon Systems 50%
Camouflage 35%
Land Navigation 55%
WP-Automatic Pistol
WP-Automatic Rifle
WP-Heavy Weapons
WP Knife
Hand to Hand: commando

Variable Fighter Pilot MOS
(Attribute Requirements: IQ 10, PP 10)
Pilot Variable Fighter +20%
Mecha Combat – Advanced: VF-5000 Star Mirage
Mecha Combat – Advanced: VF-11 Thunderbolt
Mecha Combat – Advanced: VA-3 Intruder
Mecha Combat - Advanced: VF-19 Excalibur
Navigation: All +10%
Pilot Jet Fighter +20%

Choose 6 skills. (2 additional skill at levels 3 & 6,1 additional at levels 9 & 12)

Laser communication
General Repair/Maintenance
Computer Operations
Weapons Specialist
Demolitions - Disposal (or Explosive Ordnance Disposal)

Basic Automotive and Aircraft (Mechanical)
First Aid only (+10)
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Bancho31's MF PC
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