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PostSubject: NETIQUETTE: Forum Rules & Regulations (EVERYONE READ THIS FIRST!)   Mon 12 May 2008, 2:57 pm


-No useless topics (like all smiley, all ellipsis " ", "…" & "1000 post counts" topics)
-Topics containing spam will be closed immediately.
-Respect all forum rules, or face consequences.

1. In consideration of the real-time nature of the usage of this forum, it is impossible for the administrators and moderators to review all posts at once or validate the content of the information posted. Therefore, you bear the risk associated with, the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the messages.

2. Please remember that the moderating team cannot actively monitor the contents of posted information and are not responsible for any messages posted. Do not expect us to moderate the forum 24 hours a day. Global moderators are intended for international message boards but we are currently working on a substitute solution for that.

3. Spamming is forbidden.
What is spam? Spam originally refers to electronic junk mail or junk newsgroup postings. Some people define spam even more generally as any unsolicited e-mail but in forums.

Sample spam:

-Off topic responses (e.g. Topic: Gundam SEED | Response: I really love Inuyasha!
-All-ellipsis responses or posts (e.g. Topic: Dice | Response: …/First post: …
-All-smily responses or posts (e.g. Topic: Super Gals | Response: /First post:
-Txt/chat/gaming responses or posts (e.g. 2log na u?/got 2 go/brb/gg/amf/amp
-Anything incomplete or does not really say anything. Useless/senseless topics, posts, and responses.

This rule was made because smilies/ellipsis are not capable of conveying worthwhile comments to a topic and therefore constitute as spam.

4. Double posting is not allowed.

5. Trolling is strictly forbidden.
What is/are troll(s) or trolling? Function if used as a verb-> to post controversial insulting or divisive threads/replies in a deliberate attempt to provoke retaliatory insults and flames. Posts are usually incorrect with the intention of provoking readers.

6. Flaming/Flames is/are strictly forbidden.
What is/are flaming/flames? Flaming is the performance "art" of posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting. Such messages are called flames, and are often posted in response to flame bait(s). Flame baits are usually unsuspecting or can be suggestive topics or responses that can cause hostile responses. Proper etiquette is required for participation in

7. Uber rude complaint topics, posts, responses, and comments are also disallowed.

8. Solicitation or advertisement of anything is strictly forbidden - this should include selling, promotion of products, website urls, etc (legal or otherwise), except for those allowed by the Admins/

(Disclaimer: this is just to avoid getting involved in legal actions that would include our boards as the main solicitor)

9. Multiple accounts are not allowed. Anyone caught doing this will be banned from the forum together with his or her main account.

10. Although we do not and cannot review the messages posted and are not responsible for the content of any of these messages, we reserve the right to delete, move, split, merge, or lock any message, which, in our opinion, violates any of the terms of the Forum Rules.

11. The following are the rules for a member's signature/banner. If broken, a warning will be issued, and the signature edited. Upon second offense, the offending member's signature will be edited and locked from further editing. So follow the rules from square one, and we won't have any problems:

-Only one signature is allowed.

-For signatures with images, you are allowed three (3) lines of text in standard size format.

-For signatures with no images, you are allowed up to seven (7) lines of text in standard size format.

-Maximum image dimensions are 500 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall.

-Maximum signature height (200px) is overall, which means text is inclusive!

-Absolutely NO pornography of ANY sort will be allowed, including h-game, hentai, and ecchi characters or texts.

Forbidden images & texts:

Rude comments
Abusive motives
Porn images/texts
Sexual comments
Erotic images (half naked men / women / clowns...doesn't matter keep those for your desktop)
Bashing of any religion-related images

-Animated GIFs will be allowed, but only one can be animated, avatar OR signature.

-Animated GIFs' maximum file size: 50KB

-Non-Animated GIFs are allowed up to 100KB file size

Any questionable material should be directed towards one of your local mods or admins. Staff decision is final.

You agree that you will not incorporate any word in your name, message ID or custom user title that is defamatory, obscene or profane, or which violates any trademark, service mark, or other proprietary/intellectual property rights of any third party, including, without limitation, that of the admins.

12. Image hosting sites such as (imageshack or photobucket) are needed when attaching photo(s) in this forum.

13. Any user who sees an objectionable post is encouraged to contact us immediately by private message/pm.

14. The moderating team will not and cannot assure the credibility, completeness, accuracy or usefulness of any post, and will not be responsible for the contents of any message. Please remember that each post reflects the author’s views not necessarily the views of the moderating team or any person associated with this board.

15. Again, the moderating team has the ability to move, lock, delete, split, and merge objectionable and illegal posts. If we confirm that deletion is necessary, we will make every effort to do it within a reasonable time frame. This is a manual process, unfortunately, so please understand and be patient with us. We may not be able to remove or edit particular posts immediately.

16. Any user agrees, through their usage of this forum not to post any material which is knowingly false and/or offensive, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obnoxious, obscene, intolerable, profane, sexually oriented, insulting, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise can violate the law.

17. Any user agrees, through their usage of this forum not to post any copyrighted material unless they, themselves own the material.

18. Any user/member shall remain solely responsible for the content of their messages. And through the usage of this forum, the user agrees to assure and hold us, the moderating team, harmless with respect to any claim based upon transmission of their post(s). We reserve the right to reveal the identity (or whatever information we have about the user) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any illegal/inappropriate posted message.

More rules coming soon! These rules will be updated from time to time and as the need arise
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