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 Basic Forum RPG Guidelines

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PostSubject: Basic Forum RPG Guidelines   Sat 31 May 2008, 9:49 am

Basic Forum RPG Guidelines

1. The Shogun, Gichou, Daimyos, GMs or Q-GMs are the absolute and final authority in refereeing campaigns. Their decisions in game matters are final and not subject to appeal.

2. No public flaming wars allowed between members, GMs or others involved in a game. There will be no warning on this rule. Your account will be suspended automatically and reintroduction will be at the will of the Admins and GMs. Disagreements should be taken off this board and settled elsewhere.

3. Real world physics will be applied to all game situations as much as possible. Players will not be allowed to perform superhuman stunts or have any sort of superhuman abilities beyond racial skills and disabilities common to Humans or Zentraedi.

4. Character death is a fact of real life in online forum RPGs. It will also happen in most games. If a player puts in their best effort, GMs would at most times do their best to keep them alive, barring them doing something incredibly stupid. The quickest way to die is to quit posting during combat.

5. If you leave the game, GMs reserve the right to write out your character in a manner that fits with the current storyline. The GMs will, however, try to respect the wishes of the player if their reasons are valid after consideration.

6. If a player wishes to take a leave of absence in the game, he/she should post a notice on the Community Notices Board and the OOC thread of each game, as to how long they will be gone and any valid reason, so as to allow the GM to NPC their characters while they are away.

7. Anything said in character or done during the game does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the GMs, but if there is something that is not to your liking, contact them immediately.

8. Bear in mind that is a game, it should be fun. High maintenance players are a bit tiresome after a while. If you're going to argue a point with your GM or another player, ask yourself first if it is really necessary before posting it on the OOC thread. If your GM needs to resolve an issue, please refer to Rule 1.

Haro Genki!
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Basic Forum RPG Guidelines
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