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 Gantz manga...

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Kyrie Eleison

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PostSubject: Gantz manga...   Sun 22 Jun 2008, 5:14 pm

This manga is a must read. Seriously. It has every thing. Action, comedy, romance, tragedy, gore, psyche, and *eherm*mature stuff*

The story's is about a young man who found himself in a apartment room with a big black ball in the center, surrounded by 'dead' people. Apparently, the young man himself has just died after bing run over by a train after trying to save a hobo. Next thing he knew, he was dressed in a leather suit that grants him super strenghts and is facing against a green onion alien who's hell bent on killing him, sorta like Resident Evil thing.

There's a certain charm to the manga. Aside from the usual blood and gore projectiles, it depicts the relationship of the Tokyo team individually, showcasing their differences and struggles with each day.

I ditched two days of reviewing for midterm for this manga. It's that epic. Kei Kurono and Kaze are far more GAR-er than Simon or Kamina. Tragedy that moves you to tears. teachings of how life can be simple and how sacrifices has to be done in order to live. A little on friendship thing and a bit of botherly ignorance.

They even have cute punch lines :' Look the gundam lost!'// 'It's a Rider!!!'

major warning though. LOSTA GORE. I"m serious. and uhmm some obscenities. But much more gore. like every 2-3 pages, there's gore. XD

But I love it.

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Gantz manga...
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