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 JB Notices

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PostSubject: JB Notices   Tue 13 May 2008, 6:47 pm

Joining Board Notices:

Nov. 1, 2006

1. New character rolls for some new PCs have already been posted.

2. All Quasi-GMs will continue to do character ability skill rolls for other new PCs.

3. Final approval of characters (PC or NPC) shall remain under my responsibility. Quasi-GMs and members with completed character sheets shall PM me for final approval.

4. Final approval for SEED mode and Newtype skills shall remain under my responsibility. Members requesting such abilities for their PCs shall PM their request, but it is subject to the PCs reaching minimum skill requirements for those skills.

5. There shall be a limit cap on total number of characters a PC can play. The cap will be at five (5) total PCs for members and three (3) PCs for Admin-GM/Quasi GM. Should anyone have more than the limit in active PCs, please indicate who among the PCs are active or reserve characters. Active PCs are the 5 PCs one can play in any given time, while reserve PCs cannot be played unless there is a character death or retirement ot the initial 5 PCs.

6. Canon characters of the Gundam SEED series shall remain under NPC control of the Admin. Quasi-GMs can create NPCs, but subject to final approval of the Admin.

7. All members and staffer are requested to send me a PM wil all their characters, their factions, gender, their genes (Natural or Coordinator), status (Active or Reserve) and game board currently active in. This is for indexing purposes on my part for the GSR archives.

8. The following rules are to implemented starting with the PCs still not approved on the JB.

Dec. 28, 2006

1. There will be a cap of three (3) NPC applications per member.

2. All NPC applications shall be subject to final approval from me or the JB GMs.

3. NPC role-played by members (not me or the other GMs) are to be considered PCs, and subject to PC cap rules from the first JB Notice.

Haro Genki!
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JB Notices
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