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 Non Player Character: Kira Yamato

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PostSubject: Non Player Character: Kira Yamato   Tue 13 May 2008, 6:53 pm

Kira Yamato

Age: 29
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Mendel Colony L4
Gene: Coordinator (Ultimate Coordinator)
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Purple
Handedness: right

Faction: Orb Defense Force
Occupational Character Class: Orb Defense Force Mobile Suit Pilot
Level: 14
Current Rank: General

Hit Points: 125

Character Attributes:
IQ: 20
ME: 19
MA: 20
PS: 17
PP: 24
PE: 22
PB: 17
SPD: 17

Caridad Yamato (adoptive mother)
Haruma Yamato (adoptive father)
Ulen Hibiki (father, deceased)
Via Hibiki (mother, deceased)
Cagalli Yula Athha (twin sister)
Canard Pars (genetic brother?)

Closest Ally or Friend:
Lacus Clyne - fiancée
Athrun Zala - best friend
Mwu La Fllaga - CO, Archangel Mobile Suit Team / Mentor
Murrue Ramius-La Fllaga - CO of the Archangel / Mentor
Miriallia Haww - freelance photographer
Andrew Waltfeld - CO of the Eternal / Mentor

Worst Enemy or Rival: None

Biggest Secret: Top Secret

Personality Profile:
Kira is a quiet individual, often seen as a loner, all the more upon his assumption as full time star-ranked officer in the Orb Defense Force. He is still frequently seen looking troubled and contemplative, a consequence of his traumatic experiences in the First and Second Bloody Valentine War. Recent troubles concerning his relationship with long time fiancée Lacus Clyne has also greatly changed his outlook and given him added stress.

Otherwise, Kira is a kind, simple and trustworthy person. He is a bit shy, but can be quite charming is his own, simple and quiet way. He is easy to like and very friendly when one gets to know him. Kira is loyal to his friends and comrades, and will never abandon or betray them. He adores children and is like an older brother to the kids at the orphanage. He is a tech wizard, and is truly amazing at programming software and tinkering with computers. He treasures important gifts from important people, as in the case of Lacus’ ring and Torii, the robot bird Athrun made for him when they were younger.

By nature, Kira does not want to fight, and avoids conflict as much as possible. But Kira reluctantly is drawn to fight if those who are dear to him are threatened. He becomes impatient and frustrated when he feels the need to act but does not have the means to do it (as when the Freedom was destroyed).

When in battle Kira is always strongly motivated to protect his friends. Also he tries to avoid injuring or killing his enemies, and always tries to persuade them to withdraw and not fight. When in battle Kira uses his great skills to disable his enemies’ weapons and sensors, thus rendering them defenseless and forcing them to retreat defeated but unharmed. He will not kill unless it is the very last option available. Again this due to Lacus’ pacifistic influence on him, that the war can be solved without need for lives to be lost. As a bearer of the SEED he uses this motivation to enter the enhanced state, which he could now do on at will. Whether in SEED mode or not, Kira’s determination to protect is clearly shown in his eyes.

Background Story:

As of CE 84

Ten years after the events of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Kira is now a full-time professional officer for the Orb Defense Force, commanding the small nation's Mobile Suit Corps and Second Orbital Fleet, from its bases on Onogoro Island on Orb and Copernicus City. He shuttles between both places, but is still primarily based on the venerable mobile suit carrier Archangel, where his legendary ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom is based and stored. Recently, he has been active in training a special joint team of cadets from the various powers, on board the ODF training carrier Trinity.

While the peace between the nations gives him opportunity to contact his longtime fiancée and current PLANT Supreme Council Chairwoman Lacus Clyne from her location on Aprilius One, the distance between them has seriously hurt their relationship with each other. The time and distance, couple with each other's responsibilities as high ranking leaders in the two nations, has contributed to the troubles in their partnership.

A recent but ultimately false scandal, concerning Kira and female news reporter from Orb, has further put a rift between him and Lacus. Though the rumors are untrue, they still persist, and Kira has so far avoided answering further questions about it, insisting that the matter is over.

Though much older, Kira still remains the best pilot in the Cosmic Era, with undiminished skills reinforced by bountiful experience in the arena of mobile suit combat, even if he isn't flying combat missions frequently anymore. He still remains active in the Mobile Corps as a pilot, and any appearance by him and the Strike Freedom is definitely a serious barrier to any threats seeking to break the fragile peace.

Haro Genki!
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Non Player Character: Kira Yamato
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