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 Hit Points, Levels & Actions Per Round

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PostSubject: Hit Points, Levels & Actions Per Round   Mon 12 May 2008, 1:52 pm

Character Levels

Character levels indicates how much experience a player character has earned as the PC progress along adventures in the game, the higher the level equating to a more experienced and powerful PC.

At this level, all starting PCs will have a Level of one (1). Each character will increase in levels as he/she completes missions and scenario and gain the necessary experience points, to be determined and awarded by the Game Master. The GM will notify the member controlling the PC when the PC increases level.

Level increase gains additional bonuses for PCs, like additional hit points per level and increased success in using Character Class skills.

In your character sheets in the roster, please place the line “Level: 1” after your ability scores. This will be your current level as we continue the training program. Disregard the parenthesis when you add this line to the sheet.

Hit Points:

Hit Points (HP) indicates how much damage a PC can take physically before he is incapacitated or killed. This is determined by the PC’s character class, his/hers PE score and an additional value of 8 hit points to be given each time a PC advances in level.

Please add the line: “Hit Points :” after your character level.

To determine your starting hit points, get your PE score, and add it to 40, the base starting hit points for a mobile suit pilot.

Formula : PE+40=HP

Mark is a level 1 mobile suit pilot with an PE of 13. His starting hit points will be the sum of 13 and 40, or 53 hit points (13+40=53). This will increase by 8 every time Mark increases in levels.

Determine the HP of your character and put it on your character sheet.

There is another type of hit points, called mega-damage capacity (MDC), but this is basically the hit points for mobile suits, mecha and vehicles, and structures, which we shall take up in Lesson Two: Mobile Suit Combat Simulator Training.

A round is a certain amount of time (10-15 seconds) in game time where a character can attempt to do actions.


An action is the basic movement or action a character can take in a game round. Every PC has a base number of actions depending once more on his level and training. A beginning unskilled character automatically has one (1) action per round, and this increases depending on the skills he has. This is also increased by the Hand To Hand skill a character may have, depending on the Character Class. HTH skills apply to both melee and ranged character combat

For class 01, you can see in your character sheets the skill Hand To Hand Zero Gravity, which means you are trained in fighting not only in atmosphere, but in space as well, when using EVA. The skills for HTH Zero Gravity are as follows, the number before each line indicating character level:

Hand To Hand Zero Gravity
1. Two (2) actions per round; +2 to pull/roll with punch, roll or impact, additional +1 in EVA.
2. +3 to parry or dodge.
3. +2 to strike, additional +1 in EVA.
4. One (1) additional action per round
5. Kick attack does 1d6 HP damage
6. Critical Strike on an unmodified roll of 18 to 20
7. Paired Weapons use.
8. Judo style body throw/flip, does 1d6 damage and loss of initiative and one action for that round
9. One (1) additional action per round
10. +3 to HP damage, +2 in EVA
11. Knockout/stun on unmodified roll of 18-20
12. Additional +1 to parry and dodge
13. Critical strike or knockout via backstab (triple damage)
14. One additional action per round
15. Death blow on a unmodified roll of 19-20

Copy the above list on HTH Zero Gravity skills on your character sheet, after your list of skills. This will be the basis for you to know how many actions and what bonuses and skill you have for combat.

Thus a 1st level mobile suit pilot has three actions per melee (1 base action + 2 from HTH) and a bonus of +2 to pull/roll from impact, which I will explain later.

A PC uses actions to perform the following

1. Use a skill
2. Attack an enemy (strike)
3. Parry a melee attack or block with a shield (parry)
4. Dodge a ranged attack (dodge)
5. Pull with impact (pull)

These are the 5 basic actions in the game.

Format for using actions.

To indicate you are doing the action, at the end of your IC post in a game thread, type the following

1. (action number one)
2. (action number two)
3. (action number three)

Always use this format when indicating your actions for a current round.

For example

Mark’s character has three actions for the current round. He encounters an enemy soldier who fires at him three times. He decides to attack the soldier once and dodge two of the three attacks on him.


1. Attack enemy guard with 9mm pistol
2. Dodge fire from guard
3. Dodge fire from guard

As you can see from the post, Mark’s PC used his three actions to direct one attack, and defend against two others.

One kind of action can be used as many times as the number of actions a PC can do per round, except using a same skill twice or more – a certain skill can be used only once per round, but different skills can be used simultaneously, but only once per skill per round.
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Hit Points, Levels & Actions Per Round
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