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 Anima Spiritia OCC

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PostSubject: Anima Spiritia OCC   Tue 13 May 2008, 7:18 pm

Anima Spiritia OCC

OCC by Daniel Henwood

The re-emergence of the Protodeviln in 2045 and the discovery by Dr. Gadget.M.Chiba of Spiritia and sound energy has permitted people to access the powers of Spiritia once again, a power lost to the galaxy for millenia with the decline of the Protocultures Stellar Empire. Very few people have both the mental ability and fortitude to become an Anima Spirita and the singing/playing ability. Most of these individuals will go into the UN Spacy as Spiritia Warfare Specialists.

However a few renowned Universities on Earth have began to train the few people who have the abilities to become an Anima Spiritia. The selection process takes into account many things other than just their academic ability, it includes their mental willpower and intelligence, as well as their abilities to perform and thus generate spiritia. There is however the possibilities that a natural Anima Spiritia may train themselves such as in the case of Basara Nekki of the band Fire Bomber, however this occurance is VERY rare.

During the time of the first emergence of the protodeviln the first Anima Spiritia were used to combat the Evil Series Zentraedi imbued with sub-universe energy that became known as the Protodeviln. The Protodeviln coveted Spiritia as they were unable to create their own and needed it to survive. The Anima Spiritia found that they could use spiritia against the Protodeviln. This tactic was used to force the Protodeviln into special containment chambers on the planet Varuata where they had initially been created.

Pre-requisite Requirements
IQ9, ME14 or higher preferred. A high MA & PP are also preferred but not necessary.
Race: Any, except for Full Zentran, Full Meltran and Varauta
Spiritia Points: ME + Racial Bonus/Penalty + 40 + 1d10 per level

Sing or Play Instrument +30% (Professional Quality)
Music Composition +15%
Performance +15%
Pilot Automobile +10%
History: Anima Spiritia +15%
Lore: Spiritia +20%
Hand to Hand:Basic (Can be upgraded to Expert for one skill)
OCC Related Skills
Choose 12 skills. (2 additional skill at levels 3 & 6, 1 additional at levels 9 & 12)

Communications - Any (+10%)
Domestic - Any (+10%, Sing or Play Instrument +20%)
Electrical - Basic Electronics only
Espionage - None
Mechanical - Basic Automotive and Aircraft only (+10%)
Medical - First Aid only (+10%)
Military - None
Physical - Any (+5%)
Pilot - Any, except Variable Fighters & Mecha Combat (+10 ground vehicles)
Pilot Related - Any
Rogue - Any
Science - Any (+10%)
Technical - Any (+10%)
WP - Any

Wages, Rank & Experience
Anima Spiritia hold no rank as they are not part of any Military organisation officially. Those becoming part of any Military Unit will be assigned a rank by the GM as UN Spacy Spiritia Warfare Specialists. Wages for Anima Spiritia are entirely dependant on what job they have and the GM's decision.

Spiritia Powers
All details for the Spiritia Powers can be found on the Spiritia Page.

Minor Spiritia Powers
Imbue Spiritia
Absorb Spiritia
Spiritia Revival
Calm Animals

Medium Spiritia Powers
Minor Energy Shield
Physical Healing
Break Brainwashing
Repel Protodeviln
Protodeviln Attack
Protodeviln Exorcism

Major Spiritia Powers
Protodeviln Attack II
Culture Attacks

Minor Music
Minor Music, in otherwords music that is performed without the aid of large speakers, production team and a full band. This music is normally a singer singing solo without musical assistant, or a guitar player on an acoustic guitar playing on their own. This type of music will confuse, distract and cause shock in 'un-cultured' Zentraedi and Meltrandi.
-2 to all combat abilities & attributes, -20% to all skills, automatically lose initiative

Major Music(Minmay Attack)
The sound of fully produced music with backing bands, and full concert sound, causes immense culture shock in Zentrans and Meltrans, causing them to become incredibly confused and fearful. These things have the most devastating effect on 'un-cultured' Zentraedi and Meltrandi warriors who have never seen such things.
-4 to all combat abilities & attributes, -40% to all skills, automatically lose initiative, Save VS ME at -4 or flee in terror/remain rigid in place unable to move (GM's decision)

Standard Equipment:
Musical Instrument of choice (if applicable)
Music sheets
Clothes and other personal items
Automobile, Motorcycle or bicycle (at GM's discretion)
Cash Card with 1D6x1000 Credits

Haro Genki!
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Anima Spiritia OCC
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