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 UN Spacy Zentraedi Mecha Pilot OCC

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PostSubject: UN Spacy Zentraedi Mecha Pilot OCC   Tue 13 May 2008, 7:21 pm

UN Spacy Zentraedi Mecha Pilot OCC

The Macross-27 Colony Fleet has a sizable Zentraedi complement, whether those born before Space War One, during the Reconstruction from mixed marriages with Earth Humans, or those born in wedlock between Zentrans and Meltrans in years that followed the establishment of the UN Spacy Government and the launching of the colonization fleets. These Zentraedi, who are micronized in normal form yet can assume the giant form if there is a need to deploy the giant Zentraedi Power Armor or Battlepods, are truly loyal soldiers of the UN Spacy, willing to die for their adopted civilization and culture.

The UN Spacy Zentraedi Mecha Pilot is a specific occupation for Zentraedi who wants to join the UN Spacy Military as pilots of their giant racial mecha. Different from the Zentraedi Warriors of old, these officers can pilot ALL Zentraedi Mecha that is applicable for them, with the exception of gender-specific Power Armor. Thus, while all Zentrans (male Zentraedi) and Meltrans (female Zentraedit) can pilot the Regult Battle Pod, the Glaug Command Battle Pod, and Gnerl Fighter Pods, Zentrans cannot pilot Quaedlunn-Rau Female Power Armor, while Meltrans cannot operate the Nousjadel-Ger Male Power Armor.

The following races can be Zentraedi Mecha Pilots:

Full Zentran
Full Meltran
Half Zentran
Half Meltran
Mixed Zentran/Meltran

Quarter Zentrans and Quarter Meltrans cannot be Zentraedi Mecha Pilots because they cannot be made into giant size they were born Micronized and do not have a stable gene for switching sizes.

The UN Spacy uses squadrons of Zentraedi Mecha as heavy assault forces for planetary assaults or boarding enemy warships, as their mecha can fight toe-to-toe against other mecha forces. Thus, the UN Spacy Zentraedi Mecha Pilots are the elite heavy infantry of the UN Spacy, and an integral part in the defense of Humans and Zentraedi alike within the UN Spacy Government.

Note: The UN Spacy Zentraedi Mecha Pilots are different from Zentraedi who are UN Spacy Variable Fighter Pilots Zentraedi Mecha Pilots can only fly Zentraedi Mecha and not Variable Fighters.

Attribute Requirements:
IQ 10, PP 12

Pilot Zentraedi Mecha +20%
Mecha Combat: Zentraedi Mecha N/A
Spaceship +15%
Space shuttle +15%
Tactics/Strategy +15%
Intelligence +15%
Weapons Systems +10%
Read Sensory Instruments +10%
Navigation: All +10%
Radio:Basic +10%
Math: Basic +10%
Language Zentraedi 95%
Literacy Zentraedi 95%
WP: Energy Pistol
WP: Energy Rifle
Hand to Hand: Expert
(Can upgrade to Hand to Hand: Martial Arts for cost of 1 skill)

Choose 8 skills. (1 additional skill at level 3. 2 Extra skills at levels 6, 9 & 12)
Communications - Any (+10%)
Domestic - None
Electrical - None
Espionage - Any (+10%)
Mechanical - None
Medical - First Aid, Paramedic only (+5%)
Military - Any (+10%)
Physical - Any (+5%)
Pilot - Any Mecha or Aerospace except Variable Fighters (+10%)
Pilot Related - Any (+5%)
Rogue - None
Science - Math only
Technical - EVA, and Language/Literacy only
WP - Any

Secondary Skills
(Select any 4 other skills with no bonuses)

Wages, Rank & Experience
A UN Armed Forces Zentraedi Mecha Pilot will make a starting wage of 2000 credits per month.
Zentraedi Mecha Pilots start at a rank of 2nd Lieutenant.
Zentraedi Mecha Pilots are assigned new Variable Fighter depending on squadron assignment.

Standard Equipment:
Zentraedi Mecha (type by assignment and mission need)
Zentraedi Armored Flight Suit (50 MDC)
Zentraedi Energy Pistol
Zentraedi Energy Rifle
4 Work Uniforms (2 Micronized, 2 Giant sized)
4 Parade Uniform (2 Micronized, 2 Giant sized)
2 Dress Uniform (1 Micronized, 1 Giant sized)

Micronian Equipment:
Field Kit with:
Emergency Rations (3 days)
Rations (Two weeks worth, stored in VF)
Thermal Blanket
3 Signal Flares
Infrared Distancing Binoculars
Pocket Flashlight
emergency direction finder
Combat/Survival Knife
First Aid Kit with:
Healing Salve
First Aid Booklet
Cash Card with 1D6x1000 Credits

Haro Genki!
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UN Spacy Zentraedi Mecha Pilot OCC
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