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 Kisaragi Industries'

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PostSubject: Kisaragi Industries'   Tue 13 May 2008, 9:30 pm

KMX-LIC-368 Xhoaphryx Destroyer

Model Number: KMX-LIC-368
Code Name: Xhoaphryx Destroyer
Unit Type: Prototype Heavy Assault Mobile Suit
Manufacturer: Kisaragi Industries
First Deployment: CE 84
Accommodation: One (1) Pilot. There is space for one passenger but no seat (stand at side or back of pilot, or sit on pilot’s lap)
Height: 20.56 meters
Weight: 106.70 tons
Powerplant: Ultra-compact Hyper Deuterion Nuclear Fission Reactor, rated at 10810 kW
Equipment and Design Features:
Luna Titanium armor plate
Trans-Phase Armor
Hyper Capacitor System
Neutron Jammer Canceller
Hikari no Tsubasa (Wings of Light) Propulsion System
Mirrage Colloid Stealth System

History: A suit originally built as a back-up for the Ultimate Coordinator from Kisaragi Industries, it was stolen by Warren in a humorous manner. The original concept was for it to be able to act as a more mobile METEOR, but it lacked the power to match up against it. With the help of some ZAFT mechanics who pitied Naturals, it was equipped with a Hikari no Tsubasa, a Hyper Capacitor System, and a spare N-Jammer Canceller. Also is equipped with the new High Maneuverability Missiles, new medium-ranged guided weapons with increased maneuvering capabilities to evade anti-missile fire.



Head 70
Hands (2) 70/70
Arms 210/210
Shoulders (2) 270/270
Legs (2) 350/350
Main Body 700
Rail Gun 200
Plasma Beam Cannons (2) 180/180
High Energy Beam Sniper Rifle 200
Anti Beam Sword 200
Missile Lauchers (4) 200

Energy Units: 13500 EU
EU Production/round: None
APU: 625 EU
Hyper Capacitor System (1)

Weapon Systems


Primary Purpose: anti-missile/anti-air
Secondary Purpose: point-blank/short ranged attack
Range: 2000 feet (600 meters)
Damage: 1d4 MD per short burst, 2d4 per long burst, 1d4 x 8 for full melee burst.
Rate of Fire: Equal to the number of attacks of the pilot and mobile suit
Payload: rounds, equal to 20 short burst, 10 long burst, or 5 full melee burst.
Power Usage: 1 EU per attack

High Maneuverability Missiles
Primary Purpose: anti-air/anti-MS
Range: 32,000 meters
Damage: 1d4 x 10 MD per missile
Rate of Fire: volleys of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 15, 18, 20, 24, 26 or all. One action per volley.
Payload: 52 missiles
Power Usage: 10 EU per missile
Bonus: +2 to strike, +5 to dodge anti-missile fire

Rail Gun
Primary Purpose: Projectile Direct-Fire Support Artillery
Range: 30000 feet (9000 meters)/15000 feet (4500 meters) underwater/60000 feet (18000 meters) in space
Damage: 2d8 x 50 MD per shot
Rate of Fire: Up to four (4) attacks per round; one (1) shot per attack
Payload: Thirty (30) shots per cannon, total of 60 shots
Power Usage: 50 EU per shot/cannon

Plasma Beam Cannon 2x
Primary Purpose: Plasma Beam Direct-Fire Support Artillery
Range: 30000 feet (9000 meters) in atmosphere; 60000 feet (18,000 meters) in space
Damage: 3d10 x 100 MD
Rate of Fire: Up to four (4) attacks per round; one (1) shot per attack
Payload: reliant on power supplied by mobile suit or augmentation packs
Power Usage: 100 EU per shot/cannon

High Energy Beam Sniper Rifle
Primary Purpose: Assault
Secondary Purpose: Anti-mobile suit
Range: 12000 feet (3600 meters) in atmosphere; 24000 feet (7200 meters) in space
Damage: 4d6 x 10 MD per shot, the energy rifle cannot fire bursts
Rate of Fire: One shot per attack. Total number of attacks are equal to number of actions of pilot and mobile suit.
Payload: reliant on power supplied by mobile suit or augmentation packs.
Power Usage: 30 EU per attack

Anti Beam Sword
Primary Purpose: Anti-ship/anti-mobile suit melee assault
Secondary: Underwater melee weapon
Range: Melee
Damage: Slashing attack: 3d10 x 10 MD with beam blade, 2d8 x 10 MD without beam blade; Piercing attack: 4d10 x 10 MD with beam blade, 2d6 x 10 MD without beam
Rate of Attack: Number of total attacks equal to number of attacks of pilot and mobile suit.
Payload: reliant on power supplied by mobile suit or augmentation packs.
Power Usage: 20 EU per round with blade on; with blade off, no EU requirement.

Beam Barrier
Primary Purpose: Anti-beam defense
Secondary Purpose: Defense
Damage Capacity: 500 MD/round
Power Usage: 25 EU per round/barrier

Special Equipment:

Neutron (N) Jammer Cancellers
N-Jammer Cancellers nullifies the effect of Neutron Jammers. A mobile suit equipped with an N-Jammer Canceller can use a nuclear fission reactor as its primary power supply source. Radar and sonar can operate at full efficiency and maximum range and radio communications are unhindered. Nuclear weapons can be used to its full devastating potential.

Mirrage Colloid Stealth System
The Mirrage Colloid Stealth System is an active stealth “cloaking device” that once activated, covers an entire mobile suit with Mirrage Colloid Particles that renders the mobile suit invisible to the visuals and electronic sensors.

A mobile suit with the stealth system online can approach a target undetected. It gives the pilot a chance for an automatic sneak attack (100% Prowl) against any target. To activate the stealth system uses up one melee round. Although capable of maneuvering for that round, mobile suit cannot fire its weapons while the stealth system is activated.

The pilot always has initiative for that round, and the sneak attack can be attempted with a +6 strike bonus for that round. The target cannot dodge or parry the sneak attack, only to roll with impact. But the mobile suit cannot fire its weapons while in stealth mode, so the sneak attack is attempted immediately after the mirrage colloid system is shut down. The stealth system must be shut down using one attack action. All other attack actions for that round will be handled normally, with the additional bonus to strike.

After a sneak attack round, the mobile suit can only reactive stealth mode on the start of the next round, using up the entire round.

A disadvantage to the system is that the mirrage colloid stealth system uses additional 50 EU per round from the mobile suit’s power supply while activated. The stealth system can be used as long as 50 EU can be drawn from the supply or augmentation packs, and cannot use power from APU.

Hikari No Tsubasa (Wings of Light)
The Wings of Light increases the acceleration of the mobile suit by 75%, making it slightly faster in maneuvering, giving an additional +2 bonus to initiative rolls. It also gives an additional +2 to dodge and parry and +1 to leap dodging. It also hampers the effectiveness of the enemy’s sensors and targeting systems, giving them a -2 penalty to strike when attacking the mobile suits. These effects last as long as the Wings of Light are activated. Pilots must declare that the Wings of Light is active at the start of a melee round. The Wings of Light uses 200 EU per round it is used, however, making a very high energy consuming system.
Primary Purpose: Maneuvering
Secondary Purpose: Defense
Bonus (when activated):
+2 to initiative
+2 to dodge/parry
+1 leap dodge
-2 penalty to strike for those attacking the MS with Wings of Light activated
+75% increase in flying speed

Power Usage: 200 EU per round

Trans-Phase Armor
Trans-Phase (TP) Armor is a variant of phase-shift armor used on some OMNI Enforcer mobile suit types. The primary characteristic of TP armor is that it does not use EU for every round because it only activates when the armor is hit. Its total MD absorption is rated at 40% of the unit’s main body MDC. MDC attacks with damage more than MD capacity of the unit will minus this value from the damage, while excess damage will be HALVED before it is applied to the unit’s MDC. However it drains 1 EU per attack absorbed by the TP Armor per round. Although the TP armor provides more MD absorption, the tradeoff is higher energy consumption. Beam weapons will always penetrate trans-phase armor, and cause full damage to the target unit but will not drain EU per attack.

Hyper Capacitor System
A hyper capacitor system can be used as an optional recharge capacitor for nuclear reactors only. Energy batteries, augmentation packs or auxiliary power units cannot use hyper capacitor systems. Also, only ZAFT has access to hyper capacitor system technology.

The hyper capacitor system doubles the EU recharge rate of nuclear reactors for 1d6 rounds. Players must declare that they have the hyper capacitor system online at the start of a melee round to use.

However, the system can only be used ONCE in a battle. If turned off after use while there are still usable rounds left, the capacitor cannot be turned on again. When the capacitor shuts down after the usable rounds run out, it cannot be used again for that battle. After use, the mobile suit must return to a base or carrier for maintenance of the capacitor for it to be used again.

Basic Training for Mobile Suit pilots
• Requires Pilot Mobile Suit
• 2 attacks per melee (plus those of the pilot)
• Add one additional action/attack at levels three, nine and fifteen.
• +1 on initiative
• +1 to strike
• +1 to parry
• +1 to dodge
• No bonus to dodge in space.
• +1 to roll with a punch or fall with an impact, reducing damage by half.
• No leap dodge
• Critical strike same as pilot's hand-to-hand.

Advanced training for pilots specializing in the KMX-LIC-368 Xhoaphryx Destroyer
• Requires Mobile Suit Combat: KMX-LIC-368 Xhoaphryx Destroyer
• 7 attacks per melee (plus those of the pilot)
• Add one additional action/attack at levels two, five, seven, and ten.
• +3 on initiative
• +3 to strike
• +5 to parry
• +4 to dodge
• +2 bonus to dodge when in space to all modes
• +2 to roll with a punch or fall with an impact, reducing damage by half.
• +2 to leap dodge. A leap dodge is an automatic dodge that causes no loss of attacks per melee. The mobile suits are so maneuverable that the pilot can dodge an attack while moving to counterattack an enemy.
• Critical strike same as pilot's hand-to-hand.
• Body block/tackle/ram - 2D8 M.D. plus a 50% chance of knocking an opponent down, causing him to loose initiative and one attack that melee round.
Model Number: GAT-137/GAT-137
Code Name: Exodus/Exodus Bit
Unit Type: General Assault Mobile Suit
Manufacturer: Kisaragi Industries
Accomodation: One (1) Pilot.There is space for one passenger but no seat (stand at side or back of pilot, or sit on pilot’s lap)
Dimension: overall height: 22.3 meters
Weight: empty 23.8 metric tons; max gross weight unknown
Powerplant: Hyper-Deuterion Nuclear Reactor
Equipment/Design Features:
General Unilateral Neuro-Link Dispersive Autonomic Maneuver (GUNDAM) Operating System
N Jammer Canceller
Trans-Phase Shift Armor
Syncrhonized Unity on Remote Technology (SURT) System (on Exodus only)

Fixed Armaments
- CIWS x2
- Combat Knives x2

Exodus Bit only:
- Beam Saber x2
- Beam Rifle

Exodus only:
- "Jargon" combi-weapon
--High Energy Beam Rifle x2
--Plasma Beam Cannon
--Anti-Ship Sword
--Lightwave Barrier Projector

Exodus Bit
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Kisaragi Industries'
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