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 Forum Role Playing Basics

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PostSubject: Forum Role Playing Basics   Mon 12 May 2008, 1:56 pm

This is the first lesson of your training course here in Gundam SEED Renaissance RPG – the basics of Forum RPGs. The following rules will be the standard to which we shall do the game, and all members should learn this by heart.

Basic RPG Terms to remember:

PC – means player character, the character you (member) are roleplaying
NPC – means non-player character. These are characters your PC encounters in the game, usually villains, normal folk or allies, being played by the GMs
GM – game master, who runs the game for the players.
Player – you, self-explanatory
IC – In character – this means the actions of your PC, which you roleplay in proper story form.
OOC – Out of character – any notes, comments or ideas you want to convey as a member, not as a player character, in a game thread.
BIC - Back In Character, usually posted when to indicate a return to In Character after and OOC is posted in between story lines
Game thread – forum thread where the game’s story is posted

Story Telling-Style Posts

Forum RPGs use story telling writing, and Player Characters (PC) are to post on the roleplaying boards in the point of view of your PC, no one else. Here’s some examples how to and how not to post in the


*Comes inside the room and talks to Ben*

Hi Ben! How are you?

*pats Ben in the shoulder*


That style is wrong. That is not in the story style. That is chat style.

Also, do not use the script style of conversation:


Gelda: (comes inside the room and approaches Ben) Hi Ben! How are you?


The proper way is:


Gelda quietly enters the room and sees Ben. She walks over and greets him. “Hey Ben! How are you?” She reaches out her hand to pat him on the shoulder.

Basic rule: do all IC roleplaying in the POV of your character, and in story form.

Formatting Game Thread Posts:

Bold formatted letters are used to quote what other people said, italics for things being thought, or emphasized words in a sentence. These are the standard formating rules we shall follow.

Here is an example of the correct way of posting, plus formatting, in a game thread, a series of paragraphs, with the use of italics, to indicate a recollection or thoughts:


At first, Kira was wary. As commander of the 2nd Fleet, he was most qualified for the assignment, but as commander of Terminal, he was reluctant to expose himself to outsiders. He felt the need to keep a low profile, as his was his character, and not to get involved in matters that made him in contact with people from the different sides. But Cagalli had a persuasive argument that swayed him to her line of thinking.

C’mon Kira – aren’t you the one the keeps on blabbering that there must be a way to make the factions work together as one? What better chance than this? You can guide these young people on the path we seek, and lay the foundation for a lasting peace in the future. You can make them brothers in peace, Kira.

So he accepted the mission, but still can’t drive away the feelings of reluctance about this undertaking. He felt inappropriate for this mission –training and guiding the youth. But finally it was Murrue-san who completely changed his mind.

Consulting his mentor and friend, Kira expressed his misgivings to her and was quickly countered. The former teacher-turned-Archangel captain laughed off his doubts, saying that Cagalli was right and that he had the qualities necessary for this task. Giving some pointers on how to handle students, Murrue-san guided him on how to complete the job successfully. Had it not for her own responsibilities as Archangel’s captain, and her reluctance to stay away too long from Mwu-san and their kids, she would have gone with Kira and taught the course herself. So with words of wisdom, Murrue-san sent Kira off, even ferrying him halfway to the Moon, as she took the Archangel back on its return course for Earth and Orb.

And now I'm stuck with this job. I guess I better make it work out for the best.



The first italicized portion indicates a character recollection of a conversation in the past, while the second indicates a character’s thoughts that he can hear only by himself. While this can be read by other PCs, they are not supposed to respond to them. Players should always italicize thoughts of their PCs to denote them from others.

Italics are also used to denote radio communications, but the dialogue is started and ended by parentheses. An example is below:


A few seconds of low static was followed by the female voice of a Port Control Officer. “This is Copernicus Control to Murasame three-niner-four. Permission granted. Enter the port through shuttle access tube four-Charlie and proceed to docking bay twelve. Welcome to Copernicus City, over.”


This kind of dialogue indicates that some one is contacting you or speaking over the radio or in game parlance, communications networks, or comnets.

Bold letters are used when a Player copies a dialogue of another PC or NPC directed to him, which he would want to respond to. Its not necessary to bold up the whole block of text that a character spoke, usually a handful of key words will give enough of an idea so everyone knows where and what you are talking about. Its also good Idea to break paragraphs up where new sentences are spoken, but not required.

An example of the use of bold formatiing, are the ones below, a series of thread posts of a conversation between two characters.


Lacus Clyne’s Post

“What are you doing, Kira?” Lacus asked his friend. She walked over silently and stood by his side

Next Post: Kira Yamato

“What are you doing, Kira?” Lacus asked his friend.

Kira smiled as he took off his glasses. The smile was still on his face as he turned to speak to Lacus. “I was just finishing this book I was reading.” Kira held up the book for Lacus to see.

Next Post: Lacus Clyne

“I was just finishing this book I was reading.”

Lacus squinted her eyes to read the title. "Oh, The Little Prince. That's a very nice classic, Kira," she complimented. "Where did you get that?"

Next Post: Kira Yamato

"Oh, The Little Prince. That's a very nice classic, Kira," Lacus complimented.

Kira fingered the pages gently as he placed the book on his desk. "It was a gift from my mother," he replied. "She sent it too me last week for my birthday."


Remember : Always indicate such dialogues directed to you from others in bold letters.

DO NOT USE EMOTICONS IN IC POSTS. They do not convey the emotions of the character and wreck the cleanliness of the post. You may only use emoticons in OOC situations.
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Forum Role Playing Basics
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