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 ARC-Ph Rank System

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PostSubject: ARC-Ph Rank System   Thu 15 May 2008, 11:42 am

The ARC has a rank system for its members.

ARC members use a military rank ladder. You go up the ranks by increasing your post counts - once you reach a minimum post count for a higher rank, you are are automatically promoted to that rank. The ranks are based on Japanese military ranks, and are posted below.

Japanese Rank Naval Equivalent Army/Air Force Equivalent Minimum Posts Required
Taishō Admiral General 5000
Chūjō Vice Admiral Lieutenant General 2500
Shōshō Rear Admiral Major General 1500
Taisa Fleet Captain Colonel 1000
Chūsa Commander Lieutenant Colonel 500
Shōsa Lieutenant Commander Major 250
Daii Senior Lieutenant Captain 100
Chūi Junior Lieutenant First Lieutenant 50
Shōi Ensign Second Lieutenant 10
Nitōhei Recruit Cadet 0

The Head Administrator, Forum Administrators, Game Masters and Moderators have their own special rank system, based on medieval Japanese samurai ranks and are not based on post counts. These ranks are only available to members of the ARC Admod groups, promotion to which is subject to requirements and approval of applications by the Administrators.

Samurai Rank Translated Rank ARC-Ph Hierarchy
Shogun Supreme Warlord Head Administrator
Gichou Supreme Council Chairperson Deputy Administrators
Daimyo Provincial Warlords Game Masters
Samurai Mounted Warrior Forum Moderators

Haro Genki!
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ARC-Ph Rank System
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