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PostSubject: ALL NEW D&D PLAYERS READ THIS FIRST   Mon 09 May 2011, 1:12 pm

For players interested in joining HTVF's D&D, you must download the following official D&D 4th Ed book:

D&D Essentials Starter Kit - Player's Handbook

1. Download the book.
2. Play the solo adventure within the book.

The solo adventure is in the "choose your own adventure" format, similar to the classic red box series beginners game of the original D&D game.

The solo adventure gives beginners to D&D an easy way to get the grips on how D&D4th is played, as well as a refresher for activer D&D4th players.

The solo adventure is also connected in story to the first two modules to be played in the first campaign, so its good to play it to familiarize with the settings.

All you need is some paper and pencils to play. Dice will be nice, so if you don't have real Dragon Dice, you can use the Dragon dice here or download WOTC's official browser-based dice here.

I would also recommend you download the D&D 4th Edition Character Builder program, which you can find in torrents. Make sure you check the torrent files if they contain the main program, not just the updates.


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