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 Cosmic Era Nuclear Technologies

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PostSubject: Cosmic Era Nuclear Technologies   Mon 12 May 2008, 2:06 pm

Nuclear Technologies

After the First Bloody Valentine War all nuclear weapons and nuclear technologies was in war by the Treaty of Junius 7.

Neutron Jammer

The N-Jammer or Neutron Jammer is a device that suppresses nuclear fission reactions by blocking the movement of free neutrons (it is probable that nuclear fusion, which does not rely on neutron emission, would be unaffected by an N-Jammer). Its effective range is so great that even a handful of these devices are sufficient to cover the entire Earth, nullifying all nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants on the planet's surface. The N-Jammer also has the side effect of disrupting radio waves, severely restricting the range of radar and conventional communications, and for this reason space warships are equipped with these devices as an electronic countermeasure.

The N-Jammer was originally developed in the PLANTs under the supervision of Supreme Council member Orson White. These devices were first employed in the battle for the space station Yggdrasil on February 22, C.E. 70, and on April 1 of that year the ZAFT forces drove countless N-Jammers into Earth's surface as the first phase of their Operation Uroboros campaign. The nations of Earth, which had previously depended on nuclear fission as their primary power source, were plunged into a severe energy crisis as a result.

During the winter of CE 70-71, at least tens of millions of Naturals died on Earth because of lack of energy for heating, due directly to the presence of N-Jammers on Earth. However, the Treaty of Junius outlawed the use of N-Jammers in combat, either in a defensive role or as a weapon.

Rules for Neutron Jammer
The numerous Neutron Jammers that ZAFT deployed in Operation Uroboros were buried very deep underground that it was virtually impossible to dig and destroy them all. A Neutron Jammer has an effective range around a 50-mile radius. Any device powered by nuclear fission will be shut down and unusable within the range of the Neutron Jammer. Thus mobile suits and other vehicles equipped with nuclear reactors cannot operate in this respect.

Moreover, conventional radar and sonar are also affected, cutting their effective ranges by 60%. Radio too is affected with a 70% chance of jamming radio waves, thus limiting or prohibiting radio communications. In game play treat this as a 70% chance that only static can be picked up by radio communications.

Nuclear weapons are ineffective against targets protected by Neutron Jammers. These weapons are to be treated as conventional weapons, doing conventional damage.

Neutron Jammer Canceller

Neutron Jammer Cancellers or N-Jammer Cancellers are devices used to cancel the effects of N-Jammers. ZAFT deployed Neutron-Jammers to deny the Earth Alliance use of nuclear weaponry. They also invented N-Jammer Cancellers to cancel this effect in order to use nuclear weapons / generators. This would means nearly limitless supply of energy and a complete superiority over other battery powered Mobile Suits that had to be recharged periodically. The first mobile suits to equip N-Jammer Cancellers and nuclear fission reactors were the ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam and ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam.

In its debut episode, Kira takes the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam from the PLANTs to the EAF’s JOSH-A base in Alaska, a flight requiring three days of constant operation, with no need to refuel. In fact, it's not clear that the ZGMF-X10A Freedom and ZGMF-X09A Justice were ever refueled during their operational lives. The "G.U.N.D.A.M" Operating System for Mobile Suits equipped with N-Jammer Cancellers are Generation Unsubdued Nuclear Drive Assault Module.

Because the use of N-Jammers was banned in the Junius Treaty after the First Bloody Valentine War, N-Jammer Cancellers are now semi-outdated technology; however, because of the still-present N-Jammers that were dropped on Earth during the First War as offensive weapons, all nuclear power reactors on Earth are equipped with N-Jammer Cancellers. The Neutron Stampeder weapon appears to be derived from the N-Jammer Canceller. Initial versions of the N-Jammer Canceller have no effect on and offer no protection from the Neutron Stampeder's effect, but ZAFT has since developed a version immune to the Stampeder.

Rules for using N-Jammer Cancellers
N-Jammer Cancellers nullifies the effect of Neutron Jammers. A mobile suit equipped with an N-Jammer Canceller can use a nuclear fission reactor as its primary power supply source. Radar and sonar can operate at full efficiency and maximum range and radio communications are unhindered. Nuclear weapons can be used to its full devastating potential.
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Cosmic Era Nuclear Technologies
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