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 Welcome to ARC

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PostSubject: Welcome to ARC   Mon 19 May 2008, 8:45 am

Ohayo! XD

Welcome to the Anime Roleplaying Game Community (ARC) Philippines Forum, the very first online forum for anime-based play-by-post roleplaying games made with a Pinoy flavor.

The ARC is an offshoot of the Gundam SEED Renaissance RPG Forum, which from its start in 2006, has been playing a play-by-post RPG based on the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny anime. Together with the Macross Frontiers RPG, GSR has built a small community of Filipino RPG players who enjoy the fun of play-by-post roleplaying.

In play-by-post RPGs, players live out the lives of their favorite characters, or original characters of their own, thru storytelling posts, acting out what they want their characters to do, according to the situation, interacting with other characters from other players, and creating and expanding the story based on the posts and actions. Also, this is a chance for members to create stories and improve their storytelling skills, by playing characters of their own creations, with background stories for each that will play major parts in the main plot of the games.

The ARC intends to follow this format, creating stories based on our favorite Japanese anime, and creating wonderful characters to populate these worlds. Using the Palladium Games system, we will try to give you quality games that you will enjoy and be inspired with to participate in.

We welcome all of you to the ARC, and invite you to play characters with the following RPGs we are offering:

  1. Gundam SEED Renaissance RPG – set ten years after Gundam SEED Destiny, violence threatens the unity and peace Orb and the Clyne Faction fought for in the First and Second Valentine Wars. The Orb Union are trying to survive a war with the Earth Alliance, while ZAFT is torn in two in a bloody civil war. And in the shadows, a sinister entity lies in wait for the chaos.

  2. Macross Frontier RPG – based on the new anime of the same title, forty-seven years after leaving Earth, the Macross-27 Colony Fleet arrives in the Capricorn Quadrant, just as news that two of their sister colony fleets, Macross Galaxy and Macross Frontier, are now embroiled in a conflict with an unknown alien enemy. What discoveries and dangers will the Humans and Zentraedi colonists find in this remote corner of the galaxy?

  3. Code GEASS: Lelouch of the Rebellion RPG – set in the time between Code GEASS and Code GEASS R2. The Britannian Empire and the rebellious Japanese of Area 11 are locked in a bitter and violent war. Will the Black Knights lead Japan back to freedom from Britannian tyranny? Or will the Empire of Britannia crush the upstart terrorists totally and brutally.

We will be planning more games in the future, based on RPG systems like Palladium, Dungeons & Dragons, Traitor Games and many others.

We also provide player factions for members to join according to the games they participate in. Most of the factions are open to the public, but there are some groups that members can join once they have proven themselves worthy in the games they play. These secret groups are something players, veteran and new alike, will strive for to discover and be part of.

Also, we are inviting those who need a place to run their play-by-post RPGs to establish their games at ARC. We will provide a forum for your game, as well as staff and rules support if needed. We welcome free-form RPGs, which concentrate more on free storytelling and not much in rules, and they can be hosted on ARC’s free-form RPG forum.

And for those who want to join the ARC, but not necessarily play the RPGs, we also have discussion boards for almost every topic you can think off. We encourage open discussion about topics not necessarily connected to the games, but of interest to the general public and the otaku lifestyle here and beyond the Philippines and Japan. We have forums for anime, manga, music, games and other topics that will tickle your fancy. Talk about your favorite shows, characters, stories and songs here at ARC.

Also, we at ARC would like to promote and take in members as a part of not just a community, but as a family. We’ve provided a chat box for chatting between members, introduction and profile areas for to tell stuff about yourself, and a personal ads and events promotions section for advertising stuff you want the rest of the family to know. We want a family atmosphere here at ARC, and you’re all invited to be part of it.

So again, on behalf of the ARC Staff, welcome to the ARC. We hope you will enjoy your stay with us, and have fun in the games. We hope that we all can create wonderful stories for all to enjoy and share.

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Welcome to ARC
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