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 Lesser Vajra

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PostSubject: Lesser Vajra   Mon 19 May 2008, 6:48 pm


Model Number: none
Code Name: Lesser Vajra
Unit Type: Vajra attack/scout unit
Manufacturer: Unknown
Operator: Vajra
First Deployment: 2059 AD
Accommodation: Unknown



Hammerhead 20
Legs (2) 20/20
Arms 100/100
Main Body 50
Flagellum Tail 40


Pulse Lasers x 2
Two forward firing pulse lasers are the primary anti-mecha armament of the Lesser Vajra.
Primary Purpose: Anti-Aircraft/Mecha
Secondary Purpose: Assault
RANGE: 4000 feet (1200 m)
RATE OF FIRE: Equal to the number of combined attacks of the Lesser Vajra.
PAYLOAD: Effectively Unlimited.

Flagellum Tail x 1
An energy whip that protrudes from the Lesser Vajra’s tail. Used to attack or capture enemy mecha-sized units. They cause damage by high friction upon impact, The Flagellum can also be used to grapple enemy mecha – a Vajra player should declare at the start of the round that they will do a grapple attack on the target, with the player indicating which part of the target he wants to grapple. A successful strike roll with a small -2 penalty (difficulty of action) will entangle the target mecha, and will cause an additional 1d4 MD of electrical damage on ALL parts of the target, plus 1d8 SDC to the target’s pilot. The heat whip remains entangled on the target unless the Vajra retracts the weapon or the whip is cut in battle (-2 to strike rolls against entangled flagellums).
Primary Purpose: Anti-ship/anti-mecha melee assault
Secondary: Grappling melee weapon
Range: Melee
Damage: Whip Attack: 1d8 x 10 MD per attack, Electrical Damage 1d4 per round attached to target
Rate of Attack: Number of total attacks equal to number of attacks of pilot and mobile suit.

Mini-Missiles x 24
Secondary anti-mecha weapons of the Lesser Vajra. Located in small ports all over the Vajra’s main body. Can fire up to a total of 24 mini-missiles.
Primary Purpose: Anti-Mecha
Missle Type: High-explosive mini missile
Range: Varies with missile type
Damage: Typically 1d4 x 10 MD per missile
RATE OF FIRE: Volleys of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 or 24 (all)
PAYLOAD: 24 mini missiles.

• 4 attacks per melee
• +2 on initiative
• +2 to strike
• +6 to parry
• +8 to dodge
• Critical strike same as pilot's hand-to-hand.
• Body block/tackle/ram - 2D4 M.D. plus a 50% chance of knocking an opponent down, causing him to loose initiative and one attack that melee round.


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Lesser Vajra
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