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 Philip Dimmitt

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PostSubject: Philip Dimmitt   Philip Dimmitt EmptySat 05 Nov 2011, 1:05 am

Philip Dimmitt (1801–1841) was an officer in the Texian Army during the Texas Revolution. Born in Kentucky, Dimmitt moved to Texas in 1823 and soon operated a series of trading posts. After learning that Mexican General Martín Perfecto de Cos was en route to Texas to quell the unrest, Dimmitt proposed that the general be kidnapped on his arrival at Copano. The plan was shelved when fighting broke out at Gonzales, but by early October it had been resuscitated by a group of volunteers at Matamoros. Not knowing that Cos had already departed for San Antonio de Bexar, this group decided to corner Cos at Presidio La Bahia in Goliad. Dimmitt joined them en route, and participated in the battle of Goliad.
Following the battle, Dimmitt assumed command of the Texian forces that remained at Presidio La Bahia. One of his first acts as commander was to design a new flag. Similar to the Mexican flag, his version replaced the central eagle with the words "Constitution of 1824", reflecting his loyalty to the Constitution of 1824, which had been repudiated by Mexican President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Against the wishes of the commander of the Texian Army, Dimmitt also authorized a group of his men to take Fort Lipantitlan. Their success meant that the only remaining group of Mexican soldiers in Texas were Cos's men in Bexar. Dimmitt and a few of his men left Goliad in early December to join the siege of Bexar and participated in the final battle which forced Cos to surrender. On their return to Goliad, Dimmitt's men declared independence from Mexico. In honor of their new aim, Dimmitt designed a second flag, a white background with a severed, bloody arm holding a sword. The new Texian Army commanders and the provisional government were angry with the premature declaration and instructed Dimmitt to lower his flag. He resigned his command in protest.
Soon after, Dimmitt joined the Texians garrisoned at the Alamo Mission in Bexar. On February 23, Alamo commander William B. Travis sent Dimmitt on a scouting mission to see if the Mexican Army was close. While Dimmitt was out, the Mexican Army surrounded Bexar. Fearing that he would not be able to reach the Alamo, Dimmitt instead returned to Victoria and tried to recruit volunteers to ride to the Alamo's relief. He and his volunteers eventually joined the Texian Army, under Sam Houston on April 22, the day after the battle of San Jacinto. Following the war, Dimmitt opened a trading post near the Nueces River. The post was raided by Mexican soldiers in July 1841 and Dimmitt was taken captive. He committed suicide in captivity later that year. Dimmit County, Texas is named for him.

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Philip Dimmitt
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