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 Father Abel Wellington (NPC)

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PostSubject: Father Abel Wellington (NPC)   Father Abel Wellington (NPC) EmptyFri 30 May 2008, 12:48 am

Father Abel Wellington

Father Abel Wellington (NPC) _abel

Player Character Name: Abel Wellington
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral Good
Nationality: Britannian
Birthplace: Eastern North America, Holy Britannian Empire
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 220 lbs
Eye Color: Blue-gray
Hair Color: Silver
Handedness: Right-handed
Age: unknown, possilbly in the early 40's

Physical Description:
Tall and lanky, Abel is a silver-haired male in his early 40's. He wears round, thin-framed spectacles over his blue-gray eyes. He usually wears a black coat with gold trimmings, emblazoned by emblems of the Holy Britannian Empire, as well as that of the red cross of the Catholic Church. Due to his height and lean frame, Abel is somewhat fragile looking, and at times clumsy.

Family: Abel has a younger sister, an uncle, an aunt and several cousins living in Nova Scotia, where the Wellington family has an estate. Being 191st in the line of succession to the Britannian Throne, Abel is technically a Count, with major landholdings in the Eastern Canadian states, but leaves day-to-day management of the landholdings to his sister, Marian, while he serves the Empire in a different capacity.

Closest Ally/Friend:
Since he is technically a Count of the Empire, Abel has many contacts in the Empire, including several high-ranking Nobles and Knights. He was a part of Schneizel El Britannia’s staff, when the Second Prince was younger, but left when he entered the Seminary of Saint Germain to become a priest.

Currently, his closest companion and confidante is the nun Lillith Lobregat, who goes with Abel in all of his travels.

Basic Personality:
Father Abel Wellington is a former Knight of the Holy Britannian Empire. He is an excellent soldier, and quite adept with operating a Knightmare. But Abel left the service to become a priest, to “serve the masses”, as he put it. He is kind and gentle, but harsh when provoked to fight. Generally he is an intelligent and witty fellow, although sometimes considered bumbling and clumsy in mundane things, which is odd given his great dexterity as a former pilot. He is quick thinking and calculating, and very streetwise and cunning. He loves to teach young children, and is learned scholar in the arts, religion, history, philosophy, literature and languages. Abel has a fondness for black coffee mixed with thirteen lumps of white sugar.

Background Story:
Abel Nightroad was born in 1979 a.t.b. in Nova Scotia. His father served the Emperor during his rise to power as a soldier, and granted a County and landholdings to his faithful servant. Abel’s mother was a religious woman, who taught values of the Church to her son. Abel was intrigued with the tenets of the Church, and would have entered the priesthood early in his life, had his father not forced him to enter Imperial service instead.

At 18, Abel entered the Britannian military, where his status as a minor noble gave the rank of a Knight. He served in many a war for the growing Empire as a Knightmare pilot and officer, finally reaching the rank of Commander. He was introduced to the young Schneizel El Britannia, and soon became a member of the Second Prince’s command staff.

For years Abel served in Schneizel’s staff, until the death of Marianne Vi Britannia, after which Abel resigned his commission as an officer in the Britannian military and Knight. Surprised by Abel’s decision, the former Knight shocked his former commander by entering the Seminary of Saint Germain in Sao Paolo, and four years later became a priest in the Catholic Church.

Abel became a wandering missionary, and soon found himself traveling to distant cities and villages within and out of the Empire’s territories. He traveled to the newly conquered Area 11, giving relief to displaced refugees of the war, and stayed there for a few months, before taking trip to the Mediterranean. It was during this journey the EU that Abel disappeared for several years, before reappearing in Nova Scotia a month after the war between the Empire and the Order of the Black Knights in Area 11. He settled some business with his County, before leaving regentship again to his sister and uncle and proceeding back to the Imperial capital.

Character Attributes:

IQ: 21
ME: 22
MA: 12
PS: 14
PP: 18
PE: 14
PB: 12
SPD: 10

Occupational Character Class: Britannian Knight, Priest MOS
Level: 6

Hit Points (HP): 44

Britannian Noble: Knight Type MOS
Attribute Requirements: IQ 14 / MA 16 / ME 16 / PB 16 / PP 14 / PE 13
MOS Skills:
Pilot Knightmare Frame (+15%)
Knightmare Combat: RPI-209 Gloucester
Tactics: Knightmare (+20%)
Weapons Systems, Knightmare (+10%)
Read Sensory Equipment (+10%)
Navigation, Sea (+10%)
Navigation, Air (+10%)
Navigation, Land (+10%)
EVA (+10%)
Hand-To-Hand Expert

Other Skills:
Radio Basic
Computer Operation
Public Speaking(+30%)
Knightmare Electronics
Basic Mechanics
Automobile Mechanics
Knightmare Mechanics
Military Intelligence
Strategy Advanced(+30%)
Pilot Automobile
Pilot Bicycle
Navigation, Air
Read Sensory Equipment
History General
History Specialization (+30%)
Weapon Proficiency: Saber
Weapon Proficiency: Auto Pistol

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Father Abel Wellington (NPC)
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