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 Soul Eater

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PostSubject: Soul Eater   Soul Eater EmptyMon 02 Jun 2008, 8:15 pm

Soul Eater Souleaterlogo

The story is about students who studies in a school run by Shinigami-sama who has a wicked handchop action XD, the students are called Meisters/technicians who fights with their partners that could turn into weapons Cool ... they have to hunt down bad souls, i think they need 99 souls and the 100th soul has to be a witch's soul... or something like that XD

The story revolves around Maka and Soul~

yada yada yada~

but the OP rocks! sang by TM Rev!

oh, i do love Death the kid's personality and obsession about symmetrical stuffs, plus her twin pistols!
and of course the neko-witch Blair! that likes pumpkins XD

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Soul Eater
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