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 Travis Howlet

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PostSubject: Travis Howlet   Travis Howlet EmptyWed 26 Aug 2009, 12:12 pm

Member Username: Falconwing

Player Character Name: Travis Howlet
Gender: Male
Nationality: Britannian
Birthplace: Victoria, Texas
Alignment: chaotic neutral
Height: 6'0
Weight: 125 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Handedness: Right
Age: 20
Physical Description: Rugged, but not very handsome. Keeps his hair relatively short. His arms are pretty much littered with small scars. He'll mostly wear a military uniform, or in liu thereof a t-shirt, and jeans with a denim jacket

Family: Travis Howlet Sr. (Father), Henrietta Howlet (Mother), James Howlet (Twin Brother), Kyle Howlet (Younger Brother)

Closest Ally/Friend: Milly Ashford

Basic Personality: Travis is an example of how tragedy can shape and distort a person's psyche into a horrible version of what it was. Before the Black Rebellion, Travis was a kind hearted caring, and a respectable soldier who anyone would be glad to fight beside. This took a dramtic turn after Princess Euphemia's death, and the subsequent Black Rebellion. Travis refused to believe his beloved Princess did the horrible things she did willingly, and that Zero had most likely set her up. Gradully this wore away at his rationallity until he finally snapped, when Zero returned to the world scene a year later. Travis is now a bitter, and hatefull shell of his former self. Currently all that matters to him at this point is personally killing Zero, and all the Black Knights, everything else is irrelevent. To this end, Travis will lie, murder, steal, betray his allies, and make alliances with even the most unsavory characters. His only apparent loyalty is to Milly Ashford, who he had been friends with since childhood, and consoled him after Euphemia's death. Travis still has enough of his humanity left he will not harm her, or allow her to be harmed.

Background Story: Travis Jr. was the oldest of twin boys born to Travis, and Henrietta Howlet. From a very young age Travis was often neglected by his father in favor of his brother. According to the elder Howlet years later, this was done to "help make a man out of him." Henrietta eventually had enough of this, and when Travis was six years old, she divorced her husband, taking Travis, and his younger brother Kyle with her.

Henrietta managed to get a job working for the Ashford Foundation as a high ranking secretary. During this time Travis met and eventually befriended a young Milly Ashford, they spent a good deal of time together until the assassination of Marianne vi Britannia, and the subsequent dissolvment of the Ashford Foundation. Milly left for Area 11 soon after, and Travis was alone. He was 12 years old at this time.

Looking for purpose, Travis eventually decided to follow in his father's footsteps, and join the military. Travis was able to muster his way through basic training, and after a couple years managed to be reassigned to Area 11. Travis was overjoyed to be reunited with his friend Milly, but in truth he also had feelings for another... Princess Euphemia li Britannia. Now Travis had never actually met her, but he did consider her one of the greatest people in the Empire.

Travis was not on active duty when the S.A.Z. massacre took place, but after learning of Euphemia's death at Zero's hand, Travis flew into a psychotic rage. When the Black Rebellion began Travis rushed to the front lines, with only the thoughts of killing Zero on his mind. He tore through the Black Knights' forces like a man possessed nothing could stop him from his goal... Except for the Guren Mk II. In what could be described as "one-sided" at best. The knightmare destroyed Travis' Sutherland causing him to eject. The crash of his escape pod knocked him out for the rest of the battle.

In the time after the rebellion, Travis continued to seethe with anger and hatred. During this time Milly was a frequent visitor to him, and tried her best to reach out to him, and bring him back to his old self. And for a time... It almost began to look like she was on the path to succeeding with that.

Until of course Zero showed up once again....

Character Attributes: (Leave blank until GM does dice rolls for values)

IQ: Intelligence Quotient - how intelligent your PC is
ME: Mental Endurance - how much mental and emotional stress your PC can take; high ME is requirement for a chance to become a GEASS user (minimum score of 16 required)
MA: Mental Affinity - how sociable your PC is. Affects morale of other characters
PS: Physical Strength - how strong your PC is - self explanatory
PP: Physical Prowess - dexterity - the most important stat for a mecha pilot; high PP is required for Knightmare Pilots
PE: Physical Endurance - your health, determines hit points
PB: Physical Beauty - how attractive your PC is
SPD: Speed - how far and how fast a PC can run/move at a certain amount of time

Occupational Character Class: The class your character is going to be working as.
Level: 1 (All PCs start at level 1, unless circumstances and GM permission is involved)

Hit Points (HP): To be filled later

Occupational Character Class Skills:
MOS: To be filled later

Other Skills: To be filled later

Secondary Skills: To be filled later
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Travis Howlet
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