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 Anya Lacrowe

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Sistina Nodoka
Sistina Nodoka

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PostSubject: Anya Lacrowe   Anya Lacrowe EmptySat 22 May 2010, 1:39 pm

Member Username: Sistina Nodoka

Player Character Name: Anya Lacrowe
Gender: Female
Nationality: Britannian
Birthplace: Wales
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 5"3
Weight: 94 lbs
Eye Color: Emerald
Hair Color: Blonde
Handedness: Right
Age: 18
Physical Description:
Thin and feeble looking (Think Lelouch's figure), but undeniably beautiful with her long blonde hair that is set to a high ponytail (reaches her waist) with some locks of hair hiding her short, elven-like ears. (Lacrowes are thought to be mythical elves, but they have a strange gene that makes them look like elves, especially the female members of the family) she has low cut glasses that attunes her beautiful emerald eyes

Family: Both parents, Anya's an only child.
Lire Lacrowe - Her mother
Ryan Lacrowe - Her father

Being one of the Emperor's trusted shareholders, they have a really huge amount of money. Both of her parents are working at a Real Estate job, creating extra funds for the family.

Closest Ally/Friend: None so far.

Basic Personality:
In general, she is a tomboy, Pacifistic at day. She likes helping people without exchange (Altruism), she loves to eat "Eleven"(She prefers to call them Japanese when there are no Brittanians -except Arme- around her) dishes, very intelligent but sometimes can be silly and be quite the slacker. She hates wearing any female clothes that has skirts on, unless she wears a pair of biker shorts inside them, then she wont mind. She has nothing against any other people, she thinks that everyone should be equal, hence her drive to being a teacher at a young age. She also has a romantic interest with her female companion, Arme Lighthalzen. | And she is very sweet and loving to her students, regardless if they are younger or older than her. |

She is also and Knightmare pilot, but she keeps it to herself.

Background Story:
Anya was once called a 'freak' among the Brittanian society due to her rare case of the "Elven Cross", a strange disease of the ears (depending on the genes) that gives some people elven-like ears. Most of children in her age, say 6 years old, elementary age (around 3rd grade), is afraid of her, just because she has the Elven Cross, Anya, despite all that, ignored them, but one of them said that her ears are cool, this made Anya curious, who would like someone like her? She looked up only to see a purple-haired girl (Arme) she was her only friend, and someone who could par on Anya's intelligence.

It only took them less than a year to be accelerated to 1sr year high school, many of the teenagers look up to them, Anya, felt happy for that, but quickly saddened after realizing that Arme left for Area 11 to study in Ashford Academy, Anya said to herself that she will finish high school and college as soon as possible to go to Area 11.

It took her roughly 5 years to finish both degrees at such a young age (around 15 years old), and became a teacher, who specializes in the English fields (and very flexible with other fields, being an all-rounder teacher), although she was not allowed to teach still for her young age, she told her parents that she wants to teach people in Area 11, her parents didnt object, because both of them know that Anya is a very responsible adult-in-a-child's-body type of person, and she sets off to 11, noted that the Lacrowes are very rich, she had adequate supply of money to last for more than 10 years, which was an advantage to her.

2 years living in Area 11 was easy for the Lacrowe girl, she lives in a small, yet spacious mansion with many guards and maids, the typical princess life. But Anya doesnt want that, she began to explore the area she lives in, but saw many refugees (and the majority of them are children, around half her current age, 50 refugees[old and young] to be exact), Anya was disgusted, not at the refugees, but how the people of Area 11 are treated here, she then made a sudden entrance to the refuge, of course, being Brittanian, this scared the Elevens, but Anya smiled at them, and said, "Don't worry, I'm here to teach your children." of course, the adult refugees refused immediately, mistakenly thinking that Anya will teach them 'proper behavior' but instead, Anya called upon her most trusted servant, Elesis Bravhart, to get a blackboard, and many, many chairs. Of course, due to her advantageous state of money, a small, instant classroom was made, and began to teach the younger refugees, of course, most of the adults warmed up to Anya, and she was more than happy to help, by taking these refugees to her home, this outraged some of the Brittanian citizens that are neighbors of Anya, but she only said that she's only doing what's right, and took these refugees as residents, the children were being home-schooled, while the older ones had to 'repay the debt' by offering themselves to Anya, of course, being a kind soul, asked them if they want to become become housekeepers, given if they wanted, the older refugees were more than happy to oblige, and this what Anya thought of them:

"Brittanian, Eleven, Japanese, whatever they may be, everyone must be helped."

and another year passed, the refugees wanted to leave Anya's estate, of course, she was not furious or angry at them, but deeply saddened, losing them, Anya insisted that they should stay, but the refugees refused, telling her that her help was indeed a miracle to them, but they said they have to have their own lives back together. Anya understood and told them that if they needed help again, they were welcome to come back. And it shocked her that these refugees, who were initially afraid of her, suddenly thanked her and called her the "Angel of 11". Anya realized that she can do more than just helping refugees, she headed to Ashford to become a teacher, and began to teach the students, while her job to help people in need was also on course at night.

Her abilities as a Knightmare pilot were unknown for now. Rumor has it that The Angel of 11 wants to be a part of the Black Knights, the rest are unknown.

Character Attributes: (Leave blank until GM does dice rolls for values)

Other Info:
Occupational Character Class: Brittanian Citizen / Teacher / "Angel of 11" / Possible member of the Black Knights.
Level: 0 (or 1)

Stats: Unknown

Radio Basic
Strategy Gaming
Hand-to-Hand Combat: Commando
Weapon Proficiency: Bow
Weapon Proficiency: Sub Machine Gun

1. Anya Lacrowe is actually an Original Character for the game, Grand Chase.
2. Elesis Bravhart and Arme Lighthalzen are canonical characters from the game Grand Chase, the surnames Bravhart and Lighthalzen are made up.
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Anya Lacrowe
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