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 Synopsis: Code Geass RPG

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PostSubject: Synopsis: Code Geass RPG   Wed 21 May 2008, 9:46 pm

2017 Ascension Throne Britannia

A month has passed after the Order of the Black Knights failed in what came to be known as the "Black Rebellion" due to Zero's sudden disappearance. With this, Area 11 was once again under Britannian control and the vision of an independent Japan was more distant than before. Most of the main officers of the Order of the Black Knights were either caught, left the country or remained to continue the fight. Among the Order of the Black Knights, only a few have remained to continue their fight for independence. The Remnants of the Black Knights, led by C.C, Kallen and Urabe continue Zero's battle and awaits his return.

Britannia on the other hand is still on their path of world domination. They entered peaceful negotiations with the Chinese Federation and is still at war with the E.U. Even so, it is still uncertain whether either of these have a definite conclusion. The negotiation with the Chinese Federation may spark new problems, or may serve as a platform for their ulterior motives. The war with the E.U isn't getting close to a conclusive situation thus far. The duration of the war shows that at some degree, the E.U can fight back against the Britannian Emire. Britannia may have an ulterior motive of its own. By negotiating with the Chinese Federation, they have ensured that they will only be fighting against a single enemy. If and when the E.U is finally defeated, will they maintain their stable relationship with the Chinese Federation? Or will the Chinese Federation be the next target in front of Britannian guns?

The world as we know it is spiraling into chaos. Wars are emerging from both outside and within the walls of Britannia. From within, resistance forces and the Order of the Black Knights are slowly crawling and expanding their territory within Britannian borders and the E.U are stopping the border's expansion on their side of the turf. In these sequence of events, what role should you choose to take? The role of a Brittanian Knight that fights in the Empire's name? A Britannian Civilian that looks down on the Numbers? An Eleven that is oppressed by Britannians? A Japanese that fights for independence? A member of the unpredictable Chinese Federation? Or a member of an EU that's fighting an uphill battle?

One's actions can inflict a great effect on his surroundings. Everything has a cause and an effect. Would you take risks to attain your goal or would you throw away everything for it? Would you take responsibility for your actions and whatever consequences they make? If you choose to do either of these, now is the time to take the first step. Join those that you want to join, fight for them or live for them. Everything that happens on this world affects everyone. It is up to you to decide how you'll let it affect you.

That world is just a Character Sheet away.

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Synopsis: Code Geass RPG
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