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 New Technologies (Optional Rules)

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PostSubject: New Technologies (Optional Rules)   Mon 12 May 2008, 2:14 pm

New Optional Technologies

Most of the technologies listed down here are new and untested, so they maybe succeptible from simple bugs to catastrophic failures

Brainwave Direct Interface Control System

The Brainwave Direct Interface Control System is a relatively new prototype, designed as an amplifier for the use of DRAGOONs, Super DRAGOONs, fin funnels and other similar remote space weapons. The BDICS increases brainwave algorithms and activity in the control receptors of the remote weapons, enabling to function more efficiently and increase their viability in combat.

The system can be used by Newtypes and non-Newtypes, but non Newtypes can only use it with first generation remote weapons. And Newtypes gain more performance from the system than non-Newtype, because of their innate increase ability of spatial awareness.

However, the BDICS has some major flaws, which makes it prone to shutting down and hazardous to operators. A sudden shutdown of the system thru combat damage or neural overload will leave operators unconscious for days, and the effects for Newtypes are much more severe.

Currently in its testing stages, the PLANTs’ Warden Defense Technologies research and development division has installed one prototype unit on the ZGMF-X93N Excalibur, a new mobile suit which relies on Super DRAGOON remote weapons are its primary armaments. While still not perfected, WDT has announced further successes in it development, and speculation has it that they will soon sign a contract to supply the system to ZAFT’s future remote weapon equipped mobile suit designs.

Rules on the BDICS
The BDICS can only be used by ZAFT on its mobile suits. The system works at best with MS equipped with fin funnel type weapons.

As it was mentioned above, BDICS can be used by Newtypes and non-Newtypes, but non Newtypes can only use it with first generation remote weapons.

To activate BDICS, a PC must use one (1) action to bring it online at the start of the round. BDICS remains continuously active for the next rounds until the PC uses one (1) action to shut it down.

When active, BDICS gives the following bonuses

1. Gives the PC and allies a bonus of +3 to initiative rolls per round.
2. PCs can use fin funnel weapons two time for every one action used, up to a total of eight (Cool times per round instead of the normal four, using only four actions total. Round off the number to the nearest even number in terms of actions.
3. Newtypes with ME scores higher than 16 can add the bonuses for strike/parry/dodge as if that was their PP scores, in addition to bonuses from their real PP score.

For Example

Phelan is a Newtype with an ME of 18, PP of 21 and PE of 14. He activates the BDICS of the Excalibur Gundam, using one action. He gains a +3 initiative bonus for his team. He adds +2 to his PP strike/parry/dodge of +3, making the combined ME + PP bonus at +5. He then engages the enemy, attacking it seven (7) times with the Excalibur’s Super DRAGOONs, but only using four (4) actions.

However, the BDICS is still a flawed system and full of dangerous glitches, especially for Newtypes. The system is safe to use for three consecutive rounds, but any other rounds after that, it starts to become unstable. The PC should roll a saving throw with 3D10 for a score EQUAL OR BELOW his or her ME score for every round over the first three rounds. Also, a penalty of -1 for every round coming after the fourth round of use will be applied to the ME score, gradually lowering the chances to avoid a critical shutdown.

If the saving throw fails, the BDICS shuts down the entire Mobile Suit completely, and the PC suffers 2D20 HP of damage to the self, and will be in a temporary coma for 1D8 days. Also, a Newtype, due to his sensitivity to the BDICS, will be in a coma for an additional 1D6 months, and will exhibit either of the following sicknesses below upon awakening.

Roll 1D4

1. Amnesia for 1D6 more months.
2. Paranoia, permanent penalty of minus 1D4 points of MA.
3. Loss of muscular control and biorhythm, penalty of 1D4 points of PP
4. Severe Depression, 1D10 permanent loss of ME
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New Technologies (Optional Rules)
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