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 United Nations Spacy Officer OCC

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PostSubject: United Nations Spacy Officer OCC   Tue 13 May 2008, 7:24 pm

United Nations Spacy Officer OCC

Not everyone in the UN Spacy is a VF Pilot, Warship Captain or Bridge Bunny. Many Officers in the UN Spacy cover different and varied area's of the service. They are the cogs that keep the enormous machine that is the UNS turning, leading the men and women under their command to ensure the smooth running of operations. An UN Spacy Officer can start their basic training at the age of 18, however most start it after they have finished University at 21. Officers undergo 2 years of training giving them a starting age range of 20-23.

Pre-requisite Requirements
IQ & ME of 10 required as minimum, higher preferred.
Radio: Basic (+10%)
Computer Operation (+10%)
Read Sensory Instruments (+15%)
EVA (+10%)
Zero-G Movement (+15%)
Lore: UN Spacy Tactics (+10%)
Lore: UN Spacy History (+10%)
WP: Automatic Pistol
WP: Automatic Rifle
Hand to Hand: Basic (*)
(*) Hand to Hand: Basic may be upgraded to Hand to Hand: Expert for the cost of one 'Other Skill'.

Military Occupational Speciality(M.O.S.)
Military Occupational Speciality(M.O.S.)
There are several Military Occupational Specialities that a UN Spacy Officer can choose to become in the Fleet. They are:

1. Navigation Officer
2. Weapons Officer
3. Sensors Officer
4. Communications Officer
5. Engineering Officer (Artificer)
6. Space Engineer Officer
7. Security Officer
8. Flight Control Officer
9. Intelligence Officer
10. Administrative Officer
11. Conventional Pilot
12. Mechanical Transport Officer

The UN Spacy Variable Fighter Officer is also a MOS for a UN Spacy Officer, but it is discussed in a different thread for more clarity.

Choose one M.O.S. before choosing OCC Related Skills, this is the area that the Officer has specialised in.

Navigation Officer (6 months MOS training)
Navigation Officers are responsible for controlling the movement and travel of UN Spacy warships, whether in standard sublight propulsion thru space, atmospheric flight on planets, orbit over star systems or space fold. They expertise in interstellar navigation and maneuvering of the large warships.

Pre-requisites: IQ10, PP 10
Base HP: PE + 25 at level One (1) + 1d6 HP per level
MOS Skills
Astrogation +30%
Navigation +30%
Navigation, Space +30%
Pilot, Military Starship +30%
Radar Operation +10%
Read Sensory Instruments +10%

Weapons Officer (3 months MOS training)
Weapons Officers are responsible for the operation of weapons onboard UN Spacy warships not controlled directly from the bridge. Using computer controlled gun & missile emplacements, either on a starship or on a base the Weapons Officer needs a keen eye and steady hand even in these days of computer guided weapons.

Pre-requisites: IQ10, ME 12
Base HP: PE + 25 at level One (1) + 1d6 HP per level
MOS Skills
Weapon Systems +20%
Navigation +10%
Radio: Scramblers +10%

Sensors Officer (3 months MOS training)
The UNS Sensor Officer supplements Bridge Sensor Officers on UN Spacy Warships, and fulfils the role of Sensor Officer on UN Spacy bases as well. Sensor Officers are trained Should it be necessary they are trained in Electronic Warfare measures as well, jamming enemy communications and radar to gain the upperhand over them.

Pre-requisites: IQ10, MA 10
Base HP: PE + 25 at level One (1) + 1d6 HP per level
MOS Skills
Read Sensory Instruments +20%
Weapon Systems +10%
Navigation +10%
Radio: Scramblers +15%
Electronic Counter-Measures +15%

Communications Officer (6 months MOS training)
Communications Officers work with a wide variety of modern equipment including satellite communications to provide communications between the UN Spacy vessels and bases. Their training includes how to receive and analyse radio communications, read morse code accurately at high speeds and operate sophisticated receiving, recording, direction-finding and analysis equipment, including Hyperspace Communications devices. Their teams maintain the working efficiency of the UN Spacy through proper communication

Pre-requisites: IQ10, MA 10
Base HP: PE + 25 at level One (1) + 1d6 HP per level
MOS Skills
Radio: Basic +20%
Radio: Scramblers +20%
Radio: Satellite Relay +15%
Cryptography +10%

Engineering Officer(Artificer) (4 years training)
If equipment breaks down on a UNS Warship or base it is the responsibility of the Engineering Officer (Artificer) - and his/her team of people to get it fixed. Artificer Officers work on every kind of technology - from the weapon systems to powersupply, sensor equipment and computers. This Engineer is NOT a Mecha Mechanic.

Pre-requisites: IQ10, PS 10
Base HP: PE + 30 at level One (1) + 1d6 HP per level
MOS Skills
Basic Electronics +15%
Electrical Engineer +10%
Armorer (conventional) +20%
Basic Mechanics +15%
Mechanical Engineer +20%
Weapons Engineer +20%

Space Engineering Officer (4 years training)
The UN Spacy don't just operate Variable Fighters, but regular aircraft and Helicopters (on ground side bases), and space shuttles and other spacegoing vehicles. Space Engineering Officers and their Mechanics maintain and repair, all of the non-mecha vehicles, other than the Warships themselves. The work covers all aspects of repair on non-transformable aircraft and helicopters from airframes to engines, hydraulics to flying controls, and fuel systems to radio equipment, weapons and electrical systems. This Space Engineering Officer is NOT a Mecha Mechanic.

Pre-requisites: IQ10, PS 10
Base HP: PE + 30 at level One (1) + 1d6 HP per level
MOS Skills
Aircraft Mechanics +20%
Aircraft Armor & Weaponry +20%
Basic Electronics +15%
Electrical Engineer +15%
Armorer (conventional) +15%
Basic Mechanics +10%
Mechanical Engineer +15%
Weapons Engineer +15%

Flight Control Officers (15 weeks MOS training)
The Flight Control Officers oversee's the co-ordination of all air/spacecraft within their area of influence. The Flight Controllers co-ordinate craft both in and out of combat in the air and space, as well as co-ordinating civilian traffic in their area. Flight Controllers ensure the safe and efficient running of flying operations and ensure that all air & spacecraft are correctly directed, positioned and secured once in their hangers.

Pre-requisites: IQ12, ME 12, MA 12
Base HP: PE + 25 at level One (1) + 1d6 HP per level
MOS Skills
Flag Signaling +15%
Read Sensory Instruments +15%
Lore: UN Spacy Flight Operations +10%

Intelligence Officer (6 months MOS training)
Intelligence is always essential in the Spacy and analytical mind's are needed to glean pertinent information from the data presented to them. UN Spacy Intelligence Officers are seldom seen in the field unless they are aboard an AWAC or EWAC (Early Warning/Electronic Warfare Air Craft,) air/spacecraft. It is Intelligence personnel who question prisoners.

Pre-requisites: IQ10, MA 12
Base HP: PE + 25 at level One (1) + 1d6 HP per level
MOS Skills
Computer Operations +5%
Military Intelligence +20%
Interrogation +15%
Surveillance +15%

Administration/Computer Officers (10 weeks MOS training)
Not everyone is a VF pilot, or Bridge Officer in the UNS, and many personnel fly desks maintaining the administrative side seldom seen of the UN Spacy. A few of these how-ever specialise in Computer Espionage for the UNS gathering information for the intelligence Department.

(Pre-requisites: IQ10)
MOS Skills
Computer Operations +10%
Computer Programming +10%
Computer Hacking +10% (Optional - GM's choice)

UN Spacy Security (6 weeks MOS training)
The Security of UN Spacy Ship or Base is not left solely to the Marine's alone as they only a small contingent on any ship or base. The numerous UNS Security personnel can also double as Military Police ensuring that Spacy personnel on leave don't cause any trouble, or arresting and picking up any Crewmen that do cause trouble.

Pre-requisites: IQ10, PS 12
Base HP: PE + 40 at level One (1) + 1d6 HP per level
MOS Skills
Automobile +10%
WP: Sub Machine Gun
Hand to Hand: Expert

Pilot (3 years MOS training)
The Spacy requires not only Variable Fighter pilots but pilots for a variety of fixed wing, rotary and shuttle craft. The UNS pilot fulfils all of these roles in one.

Pre-requisites: IQ10, PP 10
Base HP: PE + 30 at level One (1) + 1d6 HP per level
MOS Skills
Pilot Jet +20%
Pilot Helicopter +20%
Pilot Space Shuttle +15%
Weapon Systems +10%
Navigation +10%
Lore:UN Spacy Flight Ops +10%

Mechanical Transport(Officer) (3 months Driver training)
Transport around base or ship is an important part of ensuring a working service. Truck and jeep drivers are needed to transport equipment and personnel around the Ships and bases and off Base as well on occasion. The MT Officer leads this team of Drivers and Mechanics.

Pre-requisites: IQ10, PS 10
Base HP: PE + 30 at level One (1) + 1d6 HP per level
MOS Skills
Trucks +15%
Automobiles +15%
Tanks/APC's +10%
Automotive Mechanics +10%
Land Navigation +10%

OCC Related Skills
Choose 8 skills. (2 additional skill at levels 3 & 6,1 additional at levels 9 & 12)
Communications - Any (+10%)
Domestic - Any
Electrical - Basic Electronics only
Espionage - Intelligence only (+10%)
Mechanical - Basic Automotive and Aircraft only
Medical - First Aid only (+10)
Military - Any
Physical - Any, except acrobatics
Pilot - Any, except Variable Fighters & Mecha Combat (+10)
Pilot Related - Any (+5%)
Rogue - None
Science - Basic & Advanced maths only (+10%)
Technical - Any (+10%)
WP - Any

Secondary Skills
Select 4 other skills with no bonuses

Wages, Rank & Experience
UN Spacy Officers starting wage is 2000 credits per month, with a starting rank of Ensign. The Officer uses the UN Soldier Experience Table for Experience Levels.
Standard Equipment:
M21 Assault Rifle
H&K PD8 Semi-Automatic Pistol
2 Work Uniforms (No2 Uniform)
2 Work Uniforms (Coverall)
2 Dress Uniform (No1 Ceremonial Dress Uniform)
2 Mess Uniforms (No1 & No2 Mess Uniforms)
2 Camouflage Uniforms (DPM Uniforms with 1 x Kevlar Vest & 1 x Kevlar Helmet)
Field Kit with:
Rations (Two weeks worth)
Thermal Blanket
3 Signal Flares
Infrared Distancing Binoculars
Pocket Flashlight
Combat/Survival Knife
First Aid Kit with:
Healing Salve
First Aid Booklet
UN Spacy Regulations Handbook
Cash Card with 1D6x1000 Credits


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United Nations Spacy Officer OCC
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