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 Rules on Posting a new Code GEASS Player Character Application

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Mascot Robot

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Rules on Posting a new Code GEASS Player Character Application Empty
PostSubject: Rules on Posting a new Code GEASS Player Character Application   Rules on Posting a new Code GEASS Player Character Application EmptyWed 21 May 2008, 8:31 am

Rules on Posting a new Code GEASS Player Character Application:

1. Register your membership on the boards. Only members can create characters and join the games.

2. Using the template below, create a character for you, filling up the designated data fields.

Member Username:

Player Character Name:
Nationality: Usually Britannian, Eleven, Chinese or E.U.
Birthplace: Must be a real place on Code GEASS Earth.
Alignment: your philosophical leaning in life, whether lawful, chaotic, good, evil or neutral. See the alignment thread for information on the nine alignments.
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Handedness: which dominant hand do you use
Physical Description: describe how your character looks like, what usual things he/she wears, etc.

Family: Please avoid putting your character as an orphan. Statistics indicate that the chances of a person being an orphan is very slim, and that everyone has at least one family member alive

Closest Ally/Friend:

Basic Personality:
Explain how your character is: his values and ideals, quirks and mannerisms, likes and dislikes, hobbies and skills, probably phobias and insanities (everyone has at least of from the two). At least two paragraphs worth of informations/

Background Story:
You character's lifestory/current history. Please make up a story for your character, with as much detail as you want - interesting details may be integrated into the game for your PC to interact or experience with in-game. Requirements are a story with at least three (3) paragraphs long and within the basic story of the Code GEASS universe.

Write about your PC experiences in their youth, their loved ones, interesting episodes from their past, and all other seemingly little things that could affect his present and add spice for his time in the game.

A fantastic story about a superheroic, sword wielding, motorcycle riding, badass lone wolf, champion of justice WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. Be a bit more realisitic people - you will be portraying real folks thrust into adventures in the Code GEASS universe as Britannian Knights, Black Knights, soldiers, or civilians. The only notable exceptions are the rare Witch/Warlock characters, which will be explained further in the OCC forum.

Character Attributes: (Leave blank until GM does dice rolls for values)

IQ: Intelligence Quotient - how intelligent your PC is
ME: Mental Endurance - how much mental and emotional stress your PC can take; high ME is requirement for a chance to become a GEASS user (minimum score of 16 required)
MA: Mental Affinity - how sociable your PC is. Affects morale of other characters
PS: Physical Strength - how strong your PC is - self explanatory
PP: Physical Prowess - dexterity - the most important stat for a mecha pilot; high PP is required for Knightmare Pilots
PE: Physical Endurance - your health, determines hit points
PB: Physical Beauty - how attractive your PC is
SPD: Speed - how far and how fast a PC can run/move at a certain amount of time

Occupational Character Class: The class your character is going to be working as.
Level: 1 (All PCs start at level 1, unless circumstances and GM permission is involved)

Hit Points (HP): To be filled later

Occupational Character Class Skills:
MOS: To be filled later

Other Skills: To be filled later

Secondary Skills: To be filled later


Players can only post character sheets for ORIGINAL player characters, not characters from the anime or manga. All canon Code GEASS characters (ie those who are shown in the anime or the manga) are considered NPCs and CANNOT be controlled by members.

If ever you want to play an NPC, the answer is NO, unless you are a GM. NPCs are powerful characters better left to GMs to roleplay, as to not unbalance the game. Consult a GM for more details.


3. Post your character bio on the Joining Board by making a new topic thread, titled with the character's name.

4. Wait for the GM to approve your character. Please be patient - this may take a few days depending on the availability of the GMs.

5. Upon approval, the GM will provide you with Attribute values and character skills depending on which Occupational Character Class you chose to customize your character. Copy them and update your character thread on the Joining Board. You can find the Master List of Character Skills at this thread:

6. For questions, please PM a GM or post something on the Comments Board.


Regarding Geass Users and Witches/Warlocks

These two are special character classes for the Code GEASS RPG. Since realistically only 1-2% of characters in the Code GEASS anime and manga have the Geass ability or is a witch, we have decided to limit PCs (player characters) applications for these kinds of characters to those who can fulfill certain requirements.

Also, for the sake of RPG fun, we are requiring Geass users and witches/warlocks to maintain their characters identities as secret - in the public game, they portray roles as Britannian nobles, Eleven rebels or any other public OCC, while keeping their secret identity in the shadows.

For those interested in creating Geass users or witches/warlocks, please secretly PM either UC, Cobray or Nacht about it.

PLEASE DO NOT POST HERE ON THE JOINING BOARD THAT YOU WANT TO BE A GEASS USER OR WITCH/WARLOCK - any violation of this role will AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFY you from creating a Geass User/Witch/Warlock character. This rule is final and non-negotiable.
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Rules on Posting a new Code GEASS Player Character Application
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