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 GSR TRICK characters

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PostSubject: GSR TRICK characters   GSR TRICK characters EmptySat 19 Sep 2009, 2:53 pm

Member Username:TRICK

Player Character Name: Takeshi "Mizu" Atsushi
Callsign: Water God/Suijin
Gender: Male
Gene: Natural
Birthplace: East Asia
Alignment: neutral
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 172
Eye Color: indigo
Hair Color: jet-black
Handedness: ambidextrous
Age: 19
Physical Description: lousy-type, nerd, wears glasses

Faction: OMNI Enforcer
Occupational Character Class: OMNI Enforcer Mobile Suit Pilot/ Engineer
Level: 1
Current Rank: First Lieutenant

Hit Points:

Family: Engr. Hibari Atsushi (father)
Gen. Kunimitzu Atsushi (grandfather)
Closest Ally/Friend: Kasumi Natsume (girlfriend)
Ryunosuke Mawaru (friend/mentor)

Biggest Secret: Hydrophobia, his eyes
Character Goals: to be as best as his girlfriend
Short Term Goal: to balance his work as a pilot & as an engineer
Long Term Goal: to pursue his father's dream

Basic Personality:
Mizu is very clumsy, hyper, childish and lucky-go-happy even though he is one of the youngest Lieutenant in OMNI. Ironically, He has 200 IQ. He created his own Mobile Suit which is powered by water called "The Water God".

He never gets angry. He always smiles and daydreaming on his girlfriend. And he always says "Thank you for the match!" like saying after eating after a fierce battle.

Background Story:
Mizu born in East Asia but grew up in Atlantic Federation with full of Racism about him. But he excelled at academe made a PhD. at Electronics Engineering, Space Physics and Mechanical Engineering only at the age of 12.

when he was 15, his father, an inventor, created a design that a spacecraft can be run by H2O. But no one accept his design due to Racism at Atlantic Federation & belief that water can not be substituted as a fuel. So his father decided to his abandoned grandfather, a general of OMNI. But his proposition failed because Hibari is a Illegitimate son of the general to an East Asian. Then Mizu made a painful choice, he forced himself to join in the military academy for the sake of his father's dream.

When he was now on the OMNI. Graduated with full colors, got his quick promotion without being a pilot of a mobile suit because of engineering skills that made the technology of OMNI's mobile suit advance. He Modified and perfected the GAT-01 Strike Dagger. He met Kasumi Natsume, one of the best pilots of OMNI, and had a relationship. A year after, he created a mobile suit based on his father's design, GAT-X109 Neptune Gundam, a mobile suit completely fueled by water. But no one wants to pilot it even his own girlfriend who is also a pilot Kasumi because no one believes water can be a fuel. He decided that he himself is the pilot of the said mobile suit. He ask to teach from his only friend, Mawari how to pilot a mobile suit and after months passed, he pilot his own mobile suit.

Character Attributes: (Leave blank until GM does dice rolls for values)
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GSR TRICK characters
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